Monday, January 20, 2014

Packing for the Hospital: What's in the Baby's Bag?

Happy Monday! 

I'm back for part two of the "packing for the hospital" little series. Today I'm letting you know what's in the baby's hospital bag, because contrary to what I've read around the blogosphere lately, babies do need a good amount of things...starting from day one! 

Like with my hospital bag, I did a lot of research on this topic; asking friends who have been there, too. One thing I learned from my sister-in-law was to pack both newborn and 0-3 months clothes because you just don't and won't know how big the baby will be, nor if they'll lose weight by the time you take them home. 

Here's what's in our sweet baby's diaper bag for the hospital: 

1. Like I mentioned above, I packed comfy little outfits for him in both newborn and 0-3 months because we won't know what might fit him. {Newborn sizing is typically up to seven or eight pounds.} The footie part of these onesies help keep their little feet warm without having to use socks, and the zip-up part of it is way easier than having to button those 5,001 buttons...especially in the middle of the night during diaper changes! 

2. I did pack one gown for him, so he'll definitely need socks. These from Baby Gap {link above} are so sweet and soft. He may or may not wear anything except the going home outfit, but I wanted to have at least two "outfits" {one pair of footie pajamas and one gown}  just in case. 

3. I know the hospital has their industrial-grade swaddle blankets, but I wanted to bring some of our own to the hospital. If I want my own blanket, I think it's only fair that he get his own, too! {Washed in that sweet smell!} Also, I want my mom to bring home one of these swaddle blankets he has been swaddled in for Oliver to smell and get used to before we arrive home. 

4. Obviously we have to get the baby home safely! The Britax car seat {link above} got wonderful reviews, so we registered for it and got it from one of my grandmothers. We have a base and car seat in my car currently and a base in Brandon's.  We also have the Brica Baby In-Sight Mega Mirrors in both of our cars. 

5. I know the hospital may have diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. but I wanted to bring some with us, just in case. A lot of moms have told me to, anyway. Knowing our luck, he'll have a blow-out on the way to the car and we'll need to change him right then and there! 

6. I pondered and poured over his coming home outfit; I searched everywhere! I wanted it to be sweet - but not too girly - and not anything with sayings, characters, etc. on it. I finally found Anne Everett Rae on Etsy and was so pleased with the quality of their onesies and hats, but also with their customer service. They worked with me on the color and font of his monogram until I absolutely loved it. Anyway, the onesie has little fold-over cuffs for his hands and comes with a sweet little hat. It is a newborn size, so if it doesn't fit, we have backups. 

7. These mittens make me laugh because they look so trapped when they wear them, but I don't want him scratching his sweet little face with his thin little nails that can't be clipped yet.

8. I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this one, but we will be using pacifiers and breast feeding. A lot of nurses in the nursery won't give your baby one if they're breast feeding, but we will be bringing them to the hospital and using them if necessary. 

9. Yes, hospitals provide hats, but they're just not as cute as the ones we have purchased! My Grammy knit him one and we bought a precious little "bear" one from Baby Gap {no longer available}. Obviously they're not just for cuteness; they're practical since their little heads need to be kept warm!

What's also in his hospital bag that's not shown:

*Baby book


*Receiving blanket 

*Swaddle pod: The hospital may or may not provide swaddles. Since we know we will be using these, I want him to get used to them. 

Stay tuned for what's in Brandon's hospital bag tomorrow! 

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