Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Brandon has been in Georgia on business all week long {plus it's been a full moon}, so to say I've been a nervous wreck this week is an understatement. I kept praying every night that my 38-weeks pregnant self wouldn't go into labor while he was gone. He comes home this afternoon and I'm thrilled. Baby boy can do whatever he needs to do at this point! :)

Also, Oliver has been relishing in the fact that Brandon's not here, because he can steal as many cuddles as he wants. I think he's just getting them all in before the baby gets here!

It's a long weekend for me; no work Monday! So thankful for a long weekend and a chance to rest. Gracias, MLK.

I saw this recipe for Blood Orange Mimosas on Pinterest yesterday, and it brought back my annual winter craving for all things blood orange! This time of the year, I always crave winter citrus {lemons, oranges and blood oranges mainly...I cannot stand grapefruit}! Things I'm looking to make right now include Blood Orange Tarts, Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Pie, Lemon Layer Delight, Key Lime Pie Bars, and Lemon Mousse

And, when baby gets here, I can even indulge in the mimosas and probably a nice, refreshing Sarasota. :)

I think I'm weird in that I really enjoy making a grocery list and going to the grocery store. {I don't like the whole "spending money" part of it, but you get the picture.} I'm currently browsing through my Pinterest and it makes me excited to write down - in order of the grocery store - my list for the week. #nerdalert

It has literally taken me all morning {and now afternoon} to write this post. Clearly I'm excited for and needing Friday afternoon to be here. Y'all have a great weekend!


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  1. I do the grocery list thing too!! It's keep your list so much more organized if you write it down in order of the store! And you aren't walking back and forth wasting time!! I can't believe your due date is right around the corner. I'm so happy your hubby wasn't gone while you went into labor! Enjoy your LONG weekend!



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