Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! This is my last weekend before I go back to work, and I think I'm semi-depressed to be joining the working world and returning to being a contributing member of society! Ha! 

I've started doing my nails via an at-home gel manicure "hack" that I found on Pinterest. It actually really does stay! And while it takes a while, it's worth it. 

You just paint: 1 coat Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps {I got mine at Kroger}; 1 coat Gelous {I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply}; 1 coat polish {I used OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques"}; 1 coat Gelous; 1 coat polish; and finish off with 1 coat of Seche Vite Fast-Dry Top Coat {I got mine at Sally Beauty Supply}. Just make sure you allow each coat to dry thoroughly {about 2-3 minutes} before painting the next coat on. 

We've gotten on the 2014 fit train - along with the rest of the world - and have started making healthy smoothies for breakfast. My hope is this will continue into after the baby is born so I can lose the 25 pounds I've gained during this pregnancy. 

My favorite is 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 frozen banana, 1 clementine and a handful of chia seeds. Breakfast definitely is a lot more colorful and fun these days! 

We had Christmas on New Year's Day with my in-law's since everyone kept getting sick, and it was definitely a marathon 12-hour day trying to fit in Christmas and New Year's celebrations. I think I'm still exhausted - whew! 

During all the celebrating, however, I got this adorable picture of Brandon with our niece, Ellie Kate. How adorable is that?! She loves him and just kept laughing and "talking" to him. I absolutely cannot wait to see him with our little boy. 

Speaking of our little boy, he still has absolutely zero interest in turning from his breech position, unfortunately. So, at my doctor's appointment yesterday, we went ahead and scheduled a C-section for three weeks from today. {It's still surreal to me that our son will be here in exactly three weeks.} Of course, since I'm down to weekly appointments, my doctor will be doing an ultrasound at every appointment to check his positioning, but he has two weeks to make his decision, as we'll do the C-section at 39 weeks to prevent me from going into labor on my own, since he's breech and that would definitely not be good. 

Of course, if he turns, we'll cancel the C-section and go forward with birth as planned. But, I will say that it is nice to know exactly when he will be here. {And he'll have a pretty little head, ha!} Because of this, I've been able to make his first pediatrician appointment and confirm his first day of daycare. 

So, now that we absolutely know, I've been finishing our registry; washing the remainder of his clothes in the best smell ever: Dreft; getting our hospital bags packed and ready to go; and finalizing things at work. 

Three weeks. It's so hard to believe it's finally here. 

One of my New Year's resolutions was to let things go and not hold on to them as much as I do; just let them roll off my back. 

Lately - especially with pregnancy and impending motherhood - I feel like there are certain people who will contradict what I say just to do it and to spite me. {I'm serious when I say that mean girls are still alive and well, even into our late 20's.} I say I love Baby Gap, they not-so-discreetly say how much they hate it and can't believe it was ever invented. I say I love shrimp, they go off on a tirade and say how horrible it is and they can't believe anyone would ever eat it. I say my pregnancy has been difficult and they say what a horrible person I am because I had the audacity to complain about it. [You catch my drift.]

I'm certain that people who are mean and ugly just to be mean and ugly do it because they're unhappy with some part of themselves or their life. And therefore, I've resolved to just not let it bother me. Kill 'em with kindness. Not reply or give them the response they're wanting. 

And for someone who loves a good, snarky, smart-alecky comeback {and could sit on a good one for a few hours before replying to a text message, comment, Facebook or Twitter post}, that's hard. It's already been hard and it's only the third day of January. 

So wish me luck. It will be hard, but I'm delighting in looking at the positive side of life - and thrilled about all the amazing things coming our way in the next three weeks - instead of relishing in the negativity of life. 

So, all of that to say, Happy Friday! I'm off to my final chiropractor and prenatal massage appointments. 

T-three weeks and counting! 

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  1. I love this post and am so excited your little one will be here in just three weeks! Also I laughed at this because I've seen people exactly like who you reference. It's a small world with lots of petty people, good for you in just shaking it off. It is going to be a great year!!!


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