Sunday, December 29, 2013


I feel like this weekend flew by! 

We went on our last date night before the baby gets here, and it was so much fun! January going to be really busy for us, so this was our last weekend to go out and do something just us two, and Benihana didn't disappoint. 

The rest of the weekend we did absolutely nothing, which was perfect. We just ran a few errands together and got a few things done around the house, but mostly we watched two movies {"Fever Pitch" and "The Wedding Date"} on TV and just relaxed. 

Clearly Oliver loved doing nothing, too. :)

Neither one of us slept well Saturday night, so we slept in this morning. 

These last four-five weeks of pregnancy have really been hit with the nesting bug, and it's always the most random things. Like my bathroom tile grout at 1 p.m. on a Sunday. Brandon thinks it's hilarious. 

I've always been a Type-A, quasi-OCD-type person, but pregnancy has only enhanced that...ha! It's not stressful in the least - and is never something Brandon and I argue over - but it's almost like a craving: once I get my mind set on it, I have to do it or it bugs me! So today I cleaned the tile grout in the master bathroom. And I was pretty dang proud of myself. 

All you do is mix in a large Pyrex measuring cup: one cup baking soda, two tablespoons lemon juice and enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Then, using a toothbrush {that you will throw away after}, spread the paste on the dirty tile grout. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrub the grout using the toothbrush. {You'll notice the dirt coming to the top if you brush hard enough.} 

When you're finished, get a big roll of paper towels and wipe up the paste from the floor and discard. Then, mop your bathroom using hot water and Fabuloso. 


You'll notice I keep saying "four to five weeks" when referencing Baby W's arrival, so I wanted to give y'all a reason for that: he's breech, and he has zero interest in turning to where he should be at 36 weeks.

So, he's got two more weeks to decide to turn or we'll be doing a C-section the week of Jan. 20 {set date is still TBD}. 

My doctor has given us the option of an ECV where she can manually turn him in the hospital while I have an epidural, but neither Brandon nor I are interested in that. 
{No offense to anyone who has done this in the least; it just freaks me out immensely.} 

We have tried - and will continue to try - anything and everything to get him to turn; we're regulars with the "Spinning Babies" techniques, which are quite comical if you were to watch us, I'm sure. I also frequent my chiropractor's office and my sweet husband has paid for an immense amount of prenatal massages. We also try to gently manually turn him when he's active at night, and Brandon will talk to him...and he'll gravitate to his voice for a bit and then go right back. Trust me when I say I have Googled and we have tried everything. 

So, all of that to say: Baby Boy W is comfy and cozy right where he is. And, while a C-section is definitely not something we had planned for, I keep reminding myself that God has way bigger plans than we do. Ultimately, I don't care how this baby gets here, just so long as he is healthy and we're both safe. 

And as moms, I think we should celebrate everyone being good moms, whether our babies are born naturally, with an epidural, via C-section, at home or however. I'm a huge proponent of doing what works for you and not judging anyone else for the way they choose to do it, and that goes for preparing for the baby, birthing the baby, feeding the baby, getting the baby to sleep and raising the baby in general. 

Who has time to judge people for that anyway? 

So, thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. Our sincere hope is Baby W will turn and everything will go according to "plan." But, such is life that things don't exactly go according to plan, amIright?

Happy Sunday.


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  1. We will be praying Gods best for you and your sweet baby boy! His plans are always the best plans!


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