Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekend + Baby Shower + Family Christmas

We had such a great weekend in my hometown celebrating Christmas and my baby shower!  I'm still really missing my family {I may or may not have teared up in the car on the drive back to Dallas yesterday...} but the next time I see them, we'll have a baby!!! 

I picked Brandon up from the airport and we had a major unpacking and repacking marathon, coupled with a ton of laundry. Riveting Friday night, I tell you. 

We left Dallas early Saturday morning and drove to my hometown in southeast Texas. Each year, my hometown hosts a "Downtown Christmas" where people can set up booths of things for sale down one of the main streets, along with tons of food vendors. They have a "Jingle Bell Run" in the morning, followed by performances in the afternoon and finish off the day with a lighted Christmas parade at night. It's so much fun! 

Brandon wanted to run in the Jingle Bell Run 5K, so we left early in time for him to make that. He even got second place in his age group. Ha! 

We got to see my little sister perform a few tap routines to Christmas music in the little gazebo in downtown. We were so proud of her! 

My mom and one of her friends have a little business called "HomeGrown" and they had a booth at Downtown Christmas with some of their stuff for sale. 

I mean, how cute is everything!? I want it all. 

Shameless plug: Check out their Facebook page! 

We hung out at their booth for a while, and Brandon even managed to scarf down kebabs and fried Oreos while we were there. {I had the best lemonade and a crawfish pistole -- basically, crawfish étoufée in a fried roll. Holy moly, it was amazing.} 

We went to church, then my little sister's piano recital, and then my baby shower! 

This is my best friend, Lindsey. We have been BFFs for as long as I can remember. But seriously. We've been friends for so long that I don't even remember when we became friends. She is like a sister to me, and I treasure her friendship so much. 

The shower for Baby W was so beautiful! The hostesses went all out and I couldn't stop "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" over the décor. 

The cake is made by a lady in my hometown named Marsha, and we affectionally call the cakes she makes, "Marsha Cakes." No cake compares in the least! Any time we come home and there is Marsha Cake there, Brandon {and I} just devour it. It makes me laugh how much he loves it! 

Anyway, they had cake, punch and champagne in flutes rimmed with edible blue silver. And isn't the floral arrangement beautiful? It was made by a place called Petalz in my hometown. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was!

No detail was left unnoticed, and I just loved the blue ornaments in the hurricanes! Christmas showers are seriously the best with the Christmas trees, wreathes, etc. on display. 

These are some of the hostesses, who are my mom's friends {and Lindsey!}. I am so thankful they hosted this shower for me! 

I am looking at this picture and I think I've babysat for half of them at one point or another! Ha! 

These are two of my grandmothers: Grammy {my mom's mom} on the left and Nana {my dad's mom} on the right. 

My mom {the blond on the left} and my mother-in-law {the brunette on the right}.  

We got so many great things for the baby! I can't get over everyone's generosity...especially in December when it's just crazy and everyone is busy buying things for their own families for Christmas. So seriously, everyone, thank you. 

My Nana made this quilt for the baby. I love it so much and will treasure it forever. 

My Grammy had these sweet sweaters made from one of her missionary friends in England. How precious are they!? They're so soft and adorable. I just love sweet, handmade baby things!!! 

I am so ridiculous and didn't get any pictures, but after the shower, we had Christmas with my parents, siblings {except for one brother who is still taking college finals, boo!}, Grammy and my Nana and Pah. We all had a yummy supper and then opened our presents. 

We got so much great stuff for both us and the baby! My parents and grandparents went above and beyond and I know I keep saying it, but we are so blessed. 

Brandon and I both took the day off from work and slept in just a little bit; then my dad helped Brandon load the car {we were packed to the brim!} and we drove back to Dallas. 

We got home that afternoon, unpacked the car quickly and immediately had to start getting dressed for Brandon's company Christmas dinner at Lonesome Dove in downtown Fort Worth. I didn't even take a picture because I was so tired and felt like I looked like poo. But the dinner was amazing and it was so nice to meet his new co-workers and their wives. We got home around 10 p.m. and immediately hit the hay. I mean, we CRASHED. 

I am definitely out of sorts by taking a Monday off...and we have no groceries...and I have a ton of laundry I started this morning...and had to get the dishwasher going...and my house is a complete wreck....BUT. BUT! I get off a half day on Friday and then am off until January 6. Yay! I am just trying to make it to Friday so I can go through all of the sweet baby gifts, write thank-you notes, go to the grocery store, clean my house and just get ready for Christmas and the baby. 

I hope y'all had a great weekend!

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