Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our Thanksgiving + 9 Blissful Days Off

Since I last posted on Monday {almost a week ago, gasp!}, Brandon and I enjoyed a really restful, productive break. Well, for me, anyway. He had to work Monday-Wednesday, but it has been so nice having him home Thursday-Sunday. 

We did a ton of stuff to prepare for the baby, who, I'd just like to say, is going to be here next month. Holy. Cow. Still trying to wrap my brain around that

We Brandon put together the Pack 'n Play with Newborn Napper Station {which was ridiculously, stupidly difficult}; installed the carseat and base in my car; returned a few things to Babies 'R' Us; put together the Diaper Genie; bought a cradle mattress, bumper and sheets and put that all in our room; and bought enough diapers at Sam's to last us at least a few weeks. Ha! 

I got a much-needed haircut at my amazing salon; three inches are gone. It's still taking some getting used to, but here's the picture I used as inspiration. I think it turned out a little more like this, though. :) Once I figure out how to style it, I'll post some pics. 

Brandon also hung the nailhead cornice and curtains in the baby's room. It was definitely a labor of love, that's for sure! But, I absolutely, positively love it. 

The room is almost, almost done -- we're just waiting on my mom to make one thing for above the changing table and I need one more thing for the right side of that wall shelf -- and I will do a big nursery reveal. I can't get over that room and will just go sit in there in the rocker and look around. I know he won't sleep in there until I go back to work, but having it done is so special to me. And it makes it ridiculously real. 

While Brandon was home, we spent a lot of time with Oliver...and I'm not sure he liked it much. Ha! 

We watched Christmas movies in bed -- where Oliver passed out cold on a couple of occasions -- ate yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had good homemade suppers and just relaxed. 

On Thanksgiving, we drove to Shreveport, Louisiana, for lunch with my mom's side of the family. {Here's one pic of the shorter hair.} I ate entirely too much -- in fact, my mom was laughing that my plate resembled my brother's plate. Oops! It was so good to see and spend time with my extended family. 

L-R: Brandon, my brother Parker, my sister Maggie, me, my brother Royden

We spent the rest of the week doing more things around the house; saw "Dallas Buyers Club," {meh}; I took maternity pictures with my amazingly talented friend/co-worker Liz {who is due Feb. 1 and was traipsing around doing them -- I love her}; and I even got our Christmas cards in the mail Saturday so that everyone should get them Monday! Holy productivity, Batman. 

I hope your Thanksgiving "break" was as restful as ours was and that you got to spend some much-needed time with family and friends. I'm a bit in denial that I'm going back to work after nine glorious days off, but I am looking forward to working for three weeks and then having two and a half weeks off for Christmas!!! 

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  1. I am so jealous that you got 9 days off! I only had Thanksgiving Day :( My weekend was not nearly as productive as yours, sounds like you got so much stuff done! I can't wait for the final reveal of the nursery!


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