Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 

We're currently experiencing "Icemaggedon 2013" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I'm telling y'all, it's pretty bad. I don't know if I remember us getting weather like this this late in the year; usually it happens around January or early February! 

We lost power at about 3:15 a.m. and then our smoke detectors {which are hard-wired, obviously} decided to beep loudly. Awful! Poor Brandon was bumping around our house to the garage to get the ladder and then was trying to shut them off for a good while. If I weren't so mad the power was out, I would have laughed at the sheer fact of him cursing our smoke detectors in his PJs on a ladder with a tiny little flashlight. 

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but the meteorologists are saying we have about 1-3'' of sheer ice on the roads and we're not getting out of the 20's until Monday. Brrrr! 

My district, along with many others in the area, cancelled school today, so it's an "ice day" for me! Brandon's company doesn't have power, so he's home, too. I love it! 

We're currently cozied up in our living room watching the news with the fire on. {And yes, I blurred out the baby's name on his stocking! :)} Just please pray we continue to have power and don't lose it again. 

We watched Saturday Night Live's Christmas special last night. It never fails to crack me up! Especially Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah" song. 

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and my OB said: "Wow, I can't believe you're 32 weeks already!" Me either. During the first trimester, I was so ready for this pregnancy to be over, and now I'm praying it will slow down a little bit. It's crazy how your perspective changes. 

Currently, Baby W is transverse and breech. He is basically laying diagonal across my belly and seems to be pretty cozy there! {Hence why I keep getting constant kicks in my bladder. Ugh!} My doctor said he has until the very end to turn, but she'll need him to turn around 35-36 weeks, or we'll likely have to do a C-section. So please pray he turns! I don't care how we get him here - so long as he's healthy - but I'd love to avoid a C-section if possible. 

But regarding pregnancy, it hasn't been too, too bad in the third trimester. I crave water and ice {which my doctor says is called "pica"} and the right side of my back constantly hurts. I've started visiting a chiropractor - best decision ever - to pop that aching shoulder blade back in place. It's still comical to watch me get off a deep couch or chair {and shave my legs...}, but we're almost to the end and that is crazy to me. I don't have any swelling in my hands or feet and I've only gained 20 pounds so far. {eeeeek} I'm still pretty much all belly - just straight out - but can see the puffiness in my face, which I'm not a huge fan of. 

But anyway, moving on...! 

Duchess Catherine attended "Mandela: Long Walk of Freedom" in London last night and she looked so beautiful. Only she could pull off that amazing ponytail! And her necklace is from Zara! Love it. 

Also, how did she just have a baby in July?! She looks amazing. Find me her trainer. ;)

Speaking of Nelson Mandela, I love his quote about education. 

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are! 

Happy Weekending. 



  1. Google spinning babies. Many women have had some success with it.

  2. Google spinning babies. Many women have had some success with it.

  3. We are having an ice day too! So fun. Love your bright and fun!


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