Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Finally it's Thawing

Most random blog post ever...

After being iced in since Thursday, it was actually nice to get out of the house today! {Although my 5:30 a.m. wake-up call was not really that great...} 

It's still bitterly cold outside, but at least the ice is somewhat thawing due to the sun that has finally made its appearance {yay!}. My drive to work was really hard due to the "cobblestone ice" and the amount of bridges I have to drive over to get to work. But I made it! My car is so icky, though! 

This lovely sheet of ice greeted me at my office when I got there. I felt like I was walking like Herman Munster across it to get to the door and held on to that railing for dear life. 

Last night, I had a pretty bad case of "pregnant brain." It's so real, y'all. 

I was getting a few things out of our linen closet and obviously shut the door when I was done in there. After about 30 minutes, Brandon and I realized we hadn't seen or heard Oliver in a while, which is quite odd. So we started walking around the house calling for him. It took us forever to follow his desperate meows, but Brandon finally located him in the linen closet. I felt horrible! I kept following him around the house saying, "Oliver! I'm so sorry! Let me love you!" Ha! 

Brandon found it to be excellent joke fodder, saying things {in jest} like, "Man, I hope you don't lock our baby in the linen closet!" 

I think Oliver's forgiven me now but it took a good while. 

We've been dealing with a broken toilet in our master bathroom, which has been quite annoying...especially with those 2 a.m. wake-up calls to go to the restroom. Finally a plumber was able to come out today, and thanks to our Home Warranty, it was only $59! Can't beat that. However, I had to come home and lunch and deal with that, which is always super fun {not}. You never feel more adult than having a plumber in your house talking to you about busted toilet rings. I mean, honestly! 

And, you know you're an adult when you don't pray for another "snow day" just so you can get out of the house! So very glad it's finally thawing and life can get somewhat back to normal. I need groceries, after all! :)


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