Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Work Baby Shower

Today, my friend/co-worker Liz and I were thrown a joint baby shower by our work.

Obviously, Baby W is a boy, but Liz isn't finding out what her baby is, so they had this cute cookie cake - one of Liz's big cravings! 

The table was so cute: all of our cravings! 

Mine was the veggie tray with ranch dressing {cannot.get.enough.ranch.}, pickles {so cliché, I know!}, pie and fruit. Liz's was the fruit, too; cookie cake; Reese's; apples with peanut butter and hummus. 

They also had our favorite drink cravings! Orange juice for both of us, Ginger Ale for Liz and Coke for me. And of course, water! We chug it on the reg these days. 

I can't even express in words how thankful and grateful I am for Liz. She and I are due on the same day, have the same doctor and are delivering at the same hospital. This is her second baby and I'm learning so much from her. And it's just nice to have someone to go through your pregnancy with and ask questions of...even if they truly are stupid ones. :)

She and our other co-worker, Susana, are true blessings in my life. 

...and there's the bumps! 

Our co-workers and principals went above and beyond for us. Baby W made out like a bandit at the shower! 

I'm not kidding. Sooooo excited for diapers, wipes, Desitin, baby wash and lotion...things he's absolutely going to need! :) And of course, the gift cards are amazing!!! 

I was laughing putting all of the diapers in his room because they're taller than that little side table to the right! {And yes, that's three rows deep of diapers and wipes!} 

So, so thankful for my job and my work family. Thank you to everyone for your generosity!!! 


  1. What a blessing! You can never have too many diapers and wipes either, you will be amazed at how quickly that stash disappears! :-)

  2. Awe! You are so sweet! Love going through this pregnancy every step of the way with you. Love ya! :)


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