Sunday, November 10, 2013


Yay for restful weekends! It was just what we needed, and I'm so thankful that God gives us rest after crazy weeks. {And I'm thankful that Baby W gives me rest still, too!} 

I went to the grocery store, per my new tradition, and then ran over to Target to pick out our Christmas wrapping paper. Each year I do something different and fun, and this year is going to be no different! Not to mention I'm halfway done with our Christmas shopping...I actually feel ahead of the game for once! 

We slept in, then I went to get a much-needed pedicure and eyebrow wax. If there's one thing God gifted to pregnant women, it's a pedicure with an 18-minute massage. Pure heaven!!! 

My family is coming in town for my baby shower this weekend, so Brandon and I did a ton around the house to get ready. One thing? 

Brandon replaced our toilet seats! {Gross, right?} The ones we had were original to our house, built in 1994, so it was beyond time. You know you're an adult when you're blogging about toilet seats...

We then ran to Home Depot for a rosemary plant for my hostess for this weekend's shower and Trader Joe's in Plano to get some wine for the hostess gifts for my shower in my hometown next month. 

Since it'll be December, I thought: "Who wouldn't want wine in December?" so I got a different one for each hostess and made little tags that said, "Eat, drink {and be merry}" that I hung on them with red and white baker's twine. 

If I can't drink right now, at least someone can! :)

I also made favors for people who visit Baby W in the hospital or at our house: peanut M&M's with a tag that says, "Thanks for visiting our little peanut!", tied with black and white baker's twine. 

I wouldn't necessarily call this "crafty," but this is the closest to crafty I've been in a long time. Nothing like knowing a baby is coming in 2.5 months to get your butt in gear!!! 

My friend Belinda's little boy turned three, so we went to his birthday party at a local fire station. We got there early to help them set up, and it was absolutely adorable! I can't believe I didn't take one picture!!! But I told her I'd have to steal her idea for when this baby is old enough. 

My brother-in-law came over in the afternoon to do some of our financial documents, and this is pretty much how Oliver and I felt about listening to money talk: 


I have a crazy busy week this week, but am so looking forward to seeing my family this weekend. Can't wait! 

Have a wonderful week! 

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