Monday, November 18, 2013

Online Shopping for the Holidays

I am typically not an early shopper when it comes to Christmas. I never wait until the day before Christmas or anything, but usually I'm not finished until mid-December. Then there's the wrapping and trying to do that in the middle of stressful work, company Christmas parties, etc. Not this year, folks! I only have two more gifts to buy and I am done. D-O-N-E done. 

This year - especially with my job change - I'm really making a conscious effort to enjoy the holidays. At my former job, we had two huge holiday-themed events that always coincided and weren't over until mid-December, leaving me stressed out, worn out and simply just "over it." We also had a huge company Christmas party at my former job that was a big production; same with Brandon's former company. 

I will admit that my new job is much less stressful {in different ways} from my former job, so it's left me with some time in the evenings to actually be present at home and enjoy the start of this season. We don't do a big after-hours Christmas party here, and with Brandon's new job, the five people in his department are going to a nice dinner and get to bring spouses along. So much more low-key and relaxing. 

Anyway, like I mentioned, I'm only two gifts away from being finished with our shopping for this year {and plan to wrap many of them this evening}; and I already have our Christmas cards stuffed and ready to go. I'm hoping to decorate this weekend since I have all of next week off and can actually enjoy it...even though I do realize it's early and am breaking my own cardinal rule. 

There's seriously nothing like knowing this baby is coming right after the holidays to really make me get going on things. 

But. But! The biggest thing I've done this year that's been so helpful has been online shopping. I used to go try to fight the crowds at NorthPark, but I know myself better and know that I can keep a "happy heart" and be in the Christmas spirit if I just pay a little extra for shipping. 

However, I use the Retail Me Not* coupon code website {and app} for great deals on online shopping. So far, I've gotten 15% off an entire order, 40% off sale, free shipping and 40% off full-priced items. You absolutely cannot beat that! And it's so much better than trying to find parking at a crowded mall with a ton of other people...and whilst pregnant. No, thank you. 

And thanks to online shopping and Retail Me Not, I've been much more able to get in the holiday spirit this year: I've already watched "The Holiday" and hope to watch another Christmas movie tonight while wrapping presents! 

Do you do anything special to get yourself in the holiday spirit? Do you online shop or brave the stores?

*I was not contacted by Retail Me Not to write this post. I just love them so much I had to share the wealth!*

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  1. I love Retail Me Not and use them ALL the time! I'm almost done with my shopping too and our holiday season should be pretty low-key this year.

  2. Ahem, I recall us all having many a good time at our big production holiday party last year (and my iPad isn't complaining). My new job takes us all on a retreat for two days (again, not complaining!), so should be fun!

    1. Ha! Me too! I will definitely miss the drinks...especially this year! ;)


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