Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In Love

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I sat down and wrapped a couple of Christmas presents last night while watching "The Santa Clause." It felt so good to just do it! 

I absolutely am in love with our Christmas wrapping paper this year, which I got at Target a couple of weeks ago. Glitter + polka dots + gold + silver = yes, please! 

It's so fun and even though there's a ton of glitter all over my house, I love it. 

I also spent last night working in the baby's nursery, which I also just love. It's quickly becoming my favorite room in the house! And speaking of things I love? Dreft. If I could wash all of my clothes in that stuff, I would. And since we're just on things I'm loving, I'm loving setting up all of the amazing gifts we got at our shower this weekend and am so looking forward to my shower in my hometown next month! 
{And that I'll have two and a half weeks at Christmas to finalize and set up everything...never can be too prepared!}

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