Sunday, November 17, 2013

Busy Weekend Wrap-Up

Warning: Lots of photos! 

We had such a busy, fun weekend celebrating with family. I'm so tired, but I'm also simultaneously sad that everyone has gone home for the weekend and my once-busy house is now very quiet and empty! 

Let's start with our weekend, which technically started on Thursday:

Brandon's three uncles and their wives flew in from neighboring states for my baby shower, so we went over to my in-law's for supper with them on Thursday night. 

After work, we had supper with my grandparents at The Ranch. My grandfather drove my grandmother in from my hometown to go to my baby shower the next day. It was so good visiting with them one-on-one! 

My parents left my hometown suuuuuuper early and came over to our house that morning. My mom, aunt, sister, grandmother and I went to my baby shower, while my dad and grandfather hung out at our house with Brandon. 

My parents brought up the dresser/changing table, glider and cradle...and I can't wait to show you the baby's finished room oh-so-soon! 

That morning, we all went to my "Brunch & Books" baby shower, which was hosted by one of my mother-in-law's friends at her house. It was so beautiful and the baby got a ton of amazing gifts! 

My sweet friends and family came from near and far...

{Laura and me}

{Susana, Liz and me. Liz and I have the same due date!}

{My BFF Lindsey}

{My sweet Nana and me}

{My mom, "Foxy," and me}

The spread was just beautiful and the brunch was so yummy. The hostess even had baristas serving people's choices of coffee. It was beyond any shower set-up I'd ever seen!

So adorable. 

{My sweet friends Laura, Belinda, Simcha, Lindsey, Susana and Liz}

{My Nana, mom, sister Maggie and me}

{My other grandmother, Mamita, and me}

After the shower, we came home and unloaded all of the gifts. My mom and aunt helped me go through everything, take things out of boxes, determine what needed to be washed and just organize the madness! 

Later that afternoon, we headed over to AT&T Stadium to see Baylor play Texas Tech! 

Side note: We stood in this line for seriously almost an hour just to get into the stadium. Dear Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys: Please figure out a better system to get people in your stadium, especially if you aren't even allowing purses and have no need for this craziness. 


After quite the nail-biting first half, Baylor got their groove back and beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders 63-34!!!! It was nice to shut those annoying fans up. 
{Sorry if you're a Tech fan but seriously, there were some majorly annoying fans at the game.}

Baylor is now 9-0 for the first time in school history, and are currently ranked #3 in the AP Poll! Sic 'Em, Bears!!! 

This picture was after the game and I seriously felt like such a hot, tired mess. Please excuse my gross hair. 

Since we didn't get home and in bed until midnight, we all slept in today and it was sooooo needed. My mom and I had coffee and just visited on the couch while my dad and Brandon slept in, and then we just hung out until after 10 a.m. until my dad, brothers and my brother's friend met us for brunch at Corner Bakery

They all left, and I have spent the afternoon washing baby clothes, bibs, towels, blankets and a ton of other stuff; getting his room more together; and writing a ton of thank-you notes. 

I hope y'all have a fabulous week! 

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