Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Belated Weekend Post

Clearly from my lack of pictures we did so much this weekend! 

We surprisingly had zero plans, so we went to dinner together and came home and Brandon watched "Cloud Atlas" while I fell asleep on the couch, per usual! {The movie was soooooo weird, by the way!}

We ran some errands, including buying Brandon's Christmas present at Cavender's: new boots! 

I felt like a fish out of water at that place, but I was mesmerized by the rows upon rows upon rows of cowboy boots! I just love Texas.

We went to church, then came home and all three {well, I guess I should say 'four'} of us got cozy on the couch. We turned the fire on and watched the Cowboys barely win, and then spent the evening just relaxing. It was so nice.

Monday came with fury, and I've been absolutely slammed the past two days. I even said today, "Seriously, if I could drink right now, I'd have a whole bottle of red wine to myself." It's been like that. I can also tell that the baby knows I'm stressed, because he doesn't move as much when I'm stressing out. 

However, I'm hoping his sleeping/waking habits will stick around when he's born, because he'll wiggle and squirm like crazy once I finish eating dinner and am relaxing on the couch or in bed at night. But, once I turn on my left side to go to sleep, he pretty much stops moving and will sleep until I get hungry around 5-5:30 a.m. But that's when he moves the most: when I'm hungry, therefore, when he's hungry, too! {But who can blame him? I call it getting "hangry."}

Here's to hoping the rest of this week settles down a little bit! 

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