Sunday, October 6, 2013


Leave it to the pregnant lady to only take pictures of food during a fun weekend, no? We were busy and got so much done, but it was definitely a fun one! 

We nailed down our day care {woo hoo!}, then I came home after work and did my grocery shopping. Side note: I realize this makes me old, but I think I will forever do my grocery shopping on a Friday night. There was literally no one in the store! Then, I came home, did laundry, ordered a pizza and we just relaxed. 

I was up bright and early for a shopping adventure with my grandmother! We met at Breadwinners for breakfast {La Duni was closed} and then shopped 'till we dropped: Janie and Jack, Baby Gap, Peek...Aren't You Curious, and lots of maternity clothes for me! Needless to say, Baby W and I are set

We capped off our day with lunch at Bistro N, which was fabulous, per usual. We both ordered their crab bisque and cilantro lime shrimp salad, then finished off with dessert! 

I had the cremé brûlée...

...while she had the strawberry shortcake. 

It was so great getting to catch up and spend a day with my sweet grandmother. 

We had a maternity tour of the hospital where I'll be delivering this morning, then went to my in-law's to pick a couple of things up Brandon needed. We've spent the day getting things prepared for his new job, cleaning the house and preparing for the week. 

I got my November "Real Simple" in the mail {I feel like I just got my October issue!} and can't wait to get comfortable on the couch with it and a glass of apple cider tonight. It's finally chilly in Dallas and I'm soaking up every second! 

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Where are your go-to places for maternity clothes?

    1. I love Gap because everything is reasonably priced and they are always having a sale! Most Gaps carry the maternity line in the back of Baby Gap. I also like the Motherhood Maternity outlet, because they carry A Pea in the Pod...but you have to dig. Motherhood Maternity is really hit or miss for me. There's also a cute place called ASOS, but I haven't purchased anything from there. And of course, Target! You have to go when they just put their stuff out, but I've gotten a few cute pieces from their Liz Lange Maternity line. Good luck! :)


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