Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Happy Halloween! 

To celebrate, here's a throwback picture of Brandon and me celebrating Halloween in Waco in 2008. Brandon went as Lenny Kravitz and I was a tooth fairy. 

{Aside: I was seriously so tiny!}

I can't wait to hand out candy to our little trick-or-treaters tonight! We never really have that many, but I still look forward to seeing all the cute kids in their fun costumes. 

Anyway, here's a few things I'm loving today...

I used to have super thick, full, long eyelashes...but I think after years of wearing mascara, taking it off and just washing my face with a washcloth -- and age! -- have taken its toll on my eyelashes. I got this mascara as a free sample and fell in love with it immediately. It really thickens and lengthens my eyelashes. I love it! 

This also came with my free sample to use as a base {obviously} underneath the mascara. It definitely helps with the lengthening process of the mascara. 

If you're a Baylor grad, have ever watched a Baylor game on TV or have been to Floyd Casey Stadium, you know that Baylor has always had a tarp over the south end zone seats emblazoned with, "This is Bear Country." Why? I have no earthly idea. Probably because we were horrible forever and never had any reason to use those seats. 

Well, now that we're {finally} good again and we're playing Oklahoma next Thursday at Floyd Casey, the tarp is gone for good!

I seriously hope we beat the tar out of those Sooners next Thursday! And all Baylor fans: #everyoneinblack for the game next week! 

Quick, Easy Meals

This time of the year is busy for everyone, but I feel it's been extra busy for me this year because everyone is trying to get things done before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when us {and the kiddos!} will be out for a good amount of time. 

So, I've been really into using my Crock Pot and/or making super quick, super easy meals this week. And I'm hoping this tradition will continue for the weeks to come! 

Here's a little sampling of what we've had this week:


Third Trimester

The third trimester officially started today! While it's absolutely crazy knowing that the baby will be here in three months {or less}, it's amazing to me how fast -- yet so terribly slow -- this pregnancy has gone. 

Last night, we laid on the couch and just watched him move, wiggle and squirm and it was the weirdest/coolest thing I've ever experienced. At one point, Brandon looked at me wide-eyed and said, "Can you feel it every single time he moves?" I just started laughing and said, "Yes. Every. Single. Time." 

I'm so excited for my upcoming showers to see all the people I love and celebrate this sweet baby boy!

Happy Thursday and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Third trimester already?! I feel like it is flying by although probably not nearly as quickly for you! I miss feeling those kicks and rolls. I am sure that seems weird but the you get to where you start to forget what that felt like and you think "maybe one more..." and then your husband looks at you like "have you lost your dang mind?!" :-)