Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

I don't have work on Monday {Columbus Day} and I have an early release today, so I am most definitely looking forward to this weekend! We don't have any big plans, which is ridiculously exciting to me. I plan to clean the house, catch up on laundry and completely veg out. 


I have wanted matching stockings for Brandon and me for-ev-er, and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Channel Quilted Velvet Stocking from Pottery Barn earlier this week. {It was our anniversary present to myself, ha!} I ordered three monogrammed ones for Brandon, the baby and me, and one non-monogrammed one for the next baby. Never can be too prepared, right?! 

I love my Christmas stocking -- my grandmother needle-pointed it for me when I was born -- but it's so big compared to Brandon's tiny store-bought needle-pointed one. And he says something every year about it, so I finally got us matching ones. Woo! 


My grandmother bought me this maternity dress from Gap last weekend, and it is seriously  my new favorite article of clothing. It is so soft, the perfect length, is so versatile and it's black, so I don't look as big! :) But for real, I'm on the hunt for a non-maternity version of this's that great. 

Right now, Gap is having a 35% off your entire online purchase using the code "GAPSAIL," which is good through Monday, 10/14. Pregnant mamas, go buy this dress! You won't regret it. 

Brandon has been off of work {since he's taking some time off before he starts his new job} since Wednesday, and it's honestly been the best thing ever. He's been able to get a few things done on the "Honey Do" list I've created for him that have been on there for 2+ months and I even got a text yesterday that said, "Do we have any dry cleaning? I can go pick it up if so." Ha! I could get used to that! {If only I could trust him to do the laundry and go to the grocery store...} 

But seriously, he's cleaned out the air vents in our bathroom and laundry room; purchased and set up a whole new "litter box station" for Oliver; taken care of the yard; gotten tires rotated on the cars; seen movies he's wanted to see that I don't care a lick about; played golf; and a slew of other things. And he's home when I get home, which I love! 


I love this necklace I found on Pinterest and am thinking about ordering it with the baby's first initial. What do y'all think? Sadly I've created a whole Pinterest board of things I want, "Gift Ideas for Moi" and want to buy the whole board for myself! I have a problem. 

But seriously? Family? Ahem. Christmas list is right there for y'all. ;)

Hope everyone has a great {long} weekend!

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