Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Fox

I have mentioned previously that my mom's chosen "grandmother" name is "Foxy." At first I didn't like it, but it has slowly grown on me, and now I think it's flat-out hilarious. 

However, ever since she has told us all about her new name, I can't help but see fox things ev-ery-where!!! I guess they are the new "in" trend. Therefore, I think Baby Boy needs a few of these things in honor of his Foxy, who has already been gifted with fox bar tools and a fox candle for her birthday. 

Fox sweater {Gap}

Fox beanie {Gap}

Fox onesie {Old Navy}

Fox Halloween costume {Carter's}

Fox hooded towel {Target}

PS: If you haven't heard this song - "What Does the Fox Say?" - you have to listen. It's so ridiculous. My girlfriends at work and I sing this all the time...especially when I mention "Foxy!" 


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