Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Monday...

I'm reprising the "Hey, it's okay...Monday," which I'm stealing borrowing from my friend Stephanie. 

Hey, it's okay... bring your lunch to work with the full intention of eating it and end up grabbing Subway. {The meat was toasted, thankyouverymuch.} have your Christmas cards addressed and it's not even October {What? I don't want to be exhausted and doing that a month before he's here!} sleep nine hours last night and still be tired. be glad your husband is having dinner with a friend because that means I don't have to cook tonight. {I'm looking at you, leftovers!} be ridiculously excited fall TV is baaaaaaaaack! get really annoyed when people say stupid things and then use their line as a joke with friends later. Whoops! wear the same thing to work Monday that you wore to church Sunday morning. spend far too much money on your child's nursery and then try really hard not to laugh when your husband calls it "his miracle room that will be barfed and pooped all over in a matter of months." not have nailed down a definite daycare for said child due in 3.5 months. obsessively track packages from UPS and FedEx because I want them now, dangit! wear nice black jeans and pass them off as skinny pants - not jeans. Score! have watched the last "Grey's Anatomy" in 30 minute increments and still not be done with it. be over all the infighting on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." #aintnobodygottimeforthat get annoyed when people capitalize seasons. The only time they're capitalized is when they're at the beginning of a sentence. Otherwise, it's "fall," "spring," "summer" and "winter." That is all. be far too excited for our neighborhood block party on Wednesday night. I love a good party! 

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