Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Monday...

I'm reprising the "Hey, it's okay...Monday," which I'm stealing borrowing from my friend Stephanie. 

Hey, it's okay... bring your lunch to work with the full intention of eating it and end up grabbing Subway. {The meat was toasted, thankyouverymuch.} have your Christmas cards addressed and it's not even October {What? I don't want to be exhausted and doing that a month before he's here!} sleep nine hours last night and still be tired. be glad your husband is having dinner with a friend because that means I don't have to cook tonight. {I'm looking at you, leftovers!} be ridiculously excited fall TV is baaaaaaaaack! get really annoyed when people say stupid things and then use their line as a joke with friends later. Whoops! wear the same thing to work Monday that you wore to church Sunday morning. spend far too much money on your child's nursery and then try really hard not to laugh when your husband calls it "his miracle room that will be barfed and pooped all over in a matter of months." not have nailed down a definite daycare for said child due in 3.5 months. obsessively track packages from UPS and FedEx because I want them now, dangit! wear nice black jeans and pass them off as skinny pants - not jeans. Score! have watched the last "Grey's Anatomy" in 30 minute increments and still not be done with it. be over all the infighting on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." #aintnobodygottimeforthat get annoyed when people capitalize seasons. The only time they're capitalized is when they're at the beginning of a sentence. Otherwise, it's "fall," "spring," "summer" and "winter." That is all. be far too excited for our neighborhood block party on Wednesday night. I love a good party! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013


This is the only picture I took this weekend. That should tell you exactly how our weekend was: relaxing. 

Brandon got some great news {I'll share more later}, so we went to a nice dinner to celebrate. And because we're party animals, we came home and fell asleep on the couch. 

It was a rainy, icky Saturday, so Brandon and I did something we never do: we had a breakfast/coffee date at a local, family-owned coffee shop around the corner from our house. I loved it. I never drink coffee during the week, but the weather just begged for it. 

We spent the rest of the morning finding {and purchasing} new nightstands for our bedroom; buying a clothes hamper and a toy basket for the baby's room; fall-izing our house with pumpkin candles and Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works; and going to the grocery store. 

I even found cute little locker storage baskets {Etsy} and a pouf {Kohl's} for the baby's room, and it gave me a bit more comfort knowing all we have to do now is get the furniture in there and add a few accents on the walls and tabletops. I love being prepared, so it gave me a huge relief. 

We went to church, had lunch at a cute little bakery across from church and I ventured to Target to find a few maternity tops. Can I please tell you that nothing diminishes my self-esteem more than trying to find cute, work-appropriate maternity clothes? I can't wear jeans to work {we're pretty business dress in my office...think suits} so it's hard. For those who can wear jeans and flats...I envy you. 

According to my husband, "You need to start your own maternity line." Ha! I wish. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

It's been such a long week and I'm exhausted, so I'll keep it short and sweet today. 

Jenna Bush Hager retweeted me this morning regarding her question of  "How long [of maternity leave] did you take?" You can see my response below. 

When this baby is born, I will literally be 30 days away from qualifying and receiving FMLA. Therefore, I will only receive 6-8 weeks of medical leave {depending on how he's born} and my pay will be docked during that time since I have to use hardship days. I also will have to use all of my accrued vacation days. I realize this is complete lack of planning on our part, but it just makes me sad how little time I'll have with this sweet baby. Thankfully, my mom and mother-in-law have offered to watch him and do whatever is necessary when I go back to work, and for that I couldn't be more thankful. 

However, going back to Jenna Bush Hager, she had a very interesting segment on the Today Show this morning about maternity leave that you can watch here. One thing that stuck out to me was that the United States' maternity leave was one of the worst in the world and equal to underdeveloped countries like Liberia and Papua New Guinea. How crazy is that?! 

I may or may not have ordered my Christmas cards on Wednesday. Sarah at Brown Paper Studios is amazing and has done our Christmas cards and designed some shower invitations for me in the past. Go check her out


I have never been to the State Fair of Texas and I have lived here all my life. Crazy, right!? I told Brandon I am just dying to go, so I think we'll be making an appearance in the next few weeks. I can't wait for Fletcher's corn dogs, funnel cake and lots of horrible {yet yummy} fair food. 

I am on the hunt for a pouf for the baby's room and can't find one anywhere that isn't atrocious in price. The cheapest one I've found {below} is $99 from The Land of Nod. However, I need one that's either a really soft baby blue or a taupe. If you know where I can find one of these, please let me know! 

Have any of you done a "Sip-and-See" as opposed to a baby shower? I am having a baby shower in Dallas, but my best friend {Hi, Lindsey!} brought the idea of a Sip and See up to me. I am really debating this versus a regular baby shower and would love some insight from y'all! I am such a Prepared Polly that the thought of not having what we need for him beforehand kind of gives me anxiety. And, do people bring more clothes as gifts to a Sip and See as opposed to a baby shower? I'm totally just curious and would love your opinions!!! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to my amazing mom! Or, as we are calling her now {because it's her desired "grandmother" name}: Foxy! 

My mom is probably one of the funniest people I know. She will go up to anyone and talk to them about anything, and she has the most no-fear attitude. She is not afraid to be funny and goofy, and she just loves life. She has taught us so much, but the most important thing is to love the Lord with all your heart.

So, Happy Birthday, Foxy! We love you and hope you have a great day!


Monday, September 23, 2013


We did one thing this weekend that I'm so thankful for, and that was get the crib mattress and set up Baby W's bed! 

I know it doesn't seem like a big thing, but it's one thing down. 

And the poor baby doesn't have anything else in his room right now, save for a ladder, clean clothes sorted in piles on the floor and a small table...but by golly, he has his crib set up! :)

I really want to get a monogrammed pillow like this to put in his crib for decoration {because I know he won't use it; I just think it's cute}, but that's to come. 


I ordered his baby bedding from Carousel Designs: Blue and Taupe Paisley Crib Bedding. I only ordered the bumper, bed skirt and rocking chair pad. The sheets {I got blue and taupe} are jersey knit sheets from Babies 'R' Us

I'm having the curtains for his room made out of the same striped fabric that's in the crib bumper {here} with a nailhead trim cornice {here}. 

As far as the furniture, my parents purchased the crib for us, and we're using the glider and dresser that my siblings and I all used in our nurseries when we were little. The dresser will double as a changing table. The little table I referenced earlier was Brandon's grandmother's, and will be used next to the glider to house a lamp, etc. 

As soon as that all gets here in November, I can really start organizing and putting away! 

As far as decor goes, I'm still debating a few things, but I have asked my mom and her friend to make this wooden monogram for above the dresser/changing table and I ordered this from Etsy for the shelf above his bed. But other than that, I've got nothin'! 

I can't wait for y'all to see his nursery once it's complete!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend: Fall Style

Happy Sunday! It's been absolutely gorgeous in North Texas this weekend, and we all ushered in fall in the best ways we knew how: purchasing pumpkins and mums from grocery stores, eating on outdoor patios and {gasp!} wearing pants. Welcome to Texas, fall. 

I'm currently curled up on the couch "watching" the Dallas Cowboys game while my husband and his brother {donning Cowboys jerseys} are simultaneously watching the game and checking their Fantasy Football teams while sipping pumpkin beer. It's here. I love it. 

This weekend, we got stuff done and relaxed a lot, too. Yesterday, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics with my mother-in-law, who helped me pick out fabric for the window treatments in Baby W's nursery. I am having them - in addition to a nailhead-trim cornice - made, and cannot wait to see how they turn out! 

Last night {after all that talk about Baked Potato Soup on Friday}, I made just that, in addition to Two-Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cookies. Yum. 

Then, I hit up Kroger for addition to my weekly groceries! I love Cinderella pumpkins and was thrilled that Kroger had them. However, they are heavy. You should've seen me carrying these from my car in the garage through the house to my front doorstep. I'm sure it was quite comical. 

Then today, I decorated for fall. Even though it isn't yet October, it is the first day of fall, so I bit the bullet and did it. :) 

Why, oh why did I buy the Halloween candy, though? Bad decision on my part. 

Hope y'all have a lovely first day of fall! 

A recent Pinterest favorite:


Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

It's a rainy, nasty day in Dallas today. But, BUT! There is promise of much cooler temperatures this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to that. When we bought our house, I had dreams of having morning coffee on my back porch with Brandon. When we first moved in, it was too hot. Then we had The Great Flood. And then it got too cold. {Excuses, excuses, I know.} But now that it's finally going to get cooler, we have a new backyard and new patio furniture, I'm adding "Have morning coffee on the back porch" to this weekend's to-do list. 

After my beloved teasing comb broke a few weeks ago, I finally bought a new one at Walgreens the other day. And I'm mildly obsessed with it. Enter the Conair Volume and Teasing Comb. Not only is it a comb, it has these little textured pieces in between each bristle that help tease, too. {And yes, things like teasing combs get me very excited. I'm from Texas. I love big hair.}

Kids' Halloween costumes are everywhere it seems, and it gets me so excited for next year when we can dress Baby W up for his first-ever Halloween! I think this baby elephant costume from Pottery Barn Kids is absolutely adorable. {Oh, how my priorities for Oct. 31 have drastically changed. Ha!} 

And speaking of Halloween, aforementioned Great Flood happened on Halloween last year and I spent all evening bawling my eyes out on my couch with giant fans all over my house. I'm hoping this year is much less eventful, and I'm planning on making Baked Potato Soup while watching scary movies with Brandon and answering the door for the five trick-or-treaters I know we'll have. {More candy for me!} 

People have asked me why I keep referring to "Baby W" as such. Well, we're trying to keep the name a little surprise. Not a secret - not in a hoity-toity way - just trying to have some element of surprise. Plus, I think it's kind of fun. And, I don't want to hear anyone's stories about names: "Ohhh, I had a boyfriend named that and he was such a jerk!" or "Well that's an interesting name! {Sarcasm}" When they see the sweet baby and we tell them his name, they won't say a word. That'll be his name! :) So there you go. Not trying to be a brat about it, we just want some element of surprise. 

I have ordered his baby book and coming home outfit, and once he's born, I can't wait to show them to you, as well as tell y'all his name! 

Food that is absolutely horrible for me sounds so. ridiculously. good. right now. Last Friday, my co-workers/friends and I went to Mama's Daughter's Diner for lunch and it was seriously the highlight of my week. It was honestly the worst meal I could've ever eaten, but so good. We're talking: chicken fried chicken, fried okra, baked squash, mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet tea. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Books, Books, Books

Yesterday when I got home, I was greeted with a large box on our front porch. 

I brought it in, opened it, and all of these hardcover books* smiled up at me: 

My husband ordered all of them for baby boy, and yes, I bawled my eyes out. Especially when I made the bad decision to read "Love You Forever" while standing in my kitchen. 

I married a good one. 

*Books from Amazon:


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Doubt and worry. It plagues us all if we're really honest, doesn't it? 

I am typically very much a worrier: I worry about my family, I fear I'll lose my job, I worry about this baby and his development and delivery...I am a true worrier and I will be the first to admit that to you. I have to remind myself of the old adage: "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere." 

But lately, Satan has been plaguing me with that other "worry": doubt. And I almost think doubt is worse than worry, to tell you the truth. Why? Because you doubt yourself. Your own self, which, if I'm being honest again: when you worry, you typically worry about others. Doubt is usually something you have in yourself. 

{I'm about to get real personal with y'all, mmmmkay?}

In the last few weeks, I've been severely doubting myself and my capabilities. "I can't do this job. I don't know what in the world I've signed myself up for," "How am I going to deliver this baby? I can't even get a flu shot!" "How on Earth are we going to afford this? I thought we had our finances all figured out, and now it's just one thing on top of the other!"  "I can't send my child to daycare. There's no way I'll be able to leave him." 

Those are all of those little thoughts Satan has put forth to me the past few weeks. Especially when I'm alone, or pseudo-alone: before Brandon gets home from work, in the shower, driving to and from work, and in those few minutes in the dark before I fall asleep. 

I will admit to you that it's been almost depressing, because at some point, I started believing those little lies. And I got really down on myself. I truly believed them: I truly thought I couldn't do all of those things...and some. I felt like everyone was out to "get" me. I felt like I couldn't win, no matter what I did. My days would start out like crap, and they'd end up like crap, too. But I thought about something: it's because I allowed those thoughts to consume my thoughts and my life, and because I allowed my days to be exactly as they were. 

And finally, yesterday, as I was sitting at a red light on the way to work, I just texted my mother-in-law. I didn't tell her anything except that I needed prayer because I was in a severe season of doubt. 

My mother-in-law, ever the fellow worrier {and she will tell you she is, too}, is an epic prayer warrior. She texted me back:

"The enemy loves for us to doubt and second-guess things. And it's especially easy to do that when things are chaotic and problematic. But you remember everything you have was given to you through God's provision, in His perfect timing, and He will supply all that you need this day and in the future to do it. I am praying for you, especially for a spirit of humility, to KNOW your need of God. I read in my devotional that a sweet sound in God's ears in when His people cry out to Him, 'Help, Lord!' It said the loving goal of God's long-suffering discipline in our lives is to bring us to the point of recognizing our desperate need of Him. I love this verse: 'The Lord will accomplish what concerns me. Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting.' -Psalm 138:8. Trust Him. Do your very best. And don't worry." 

I cannot tell you how that hit me like a 5,000-lb. sack of bricks. And anvils. And anything else ridiculously heavy. I wasn't doing exactly what I needed to do: I was relying on myself, and not Him. He is absolutely desperate for me to fall on my face and tell Him exactly what is wrong - even though He already knows - and that I needed Him to intervene and remove this doubt and worry from my mind. 

He gave me this job; He gave us all monies in our bank account; He gave us this precious baby...and it was all in His absolute perfect timing. 

It just made me realize that doubt and worry don't come from God in the least. Relying on and trusting in God is something Satan hates: he wants me to worry and doubt. 

As I'm finishing up this post, "In Christ Alone" came on my Pandora. And the words really got to me:

"In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my light, my strength, my song. This cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm. What heights of love, what depths of peace, when fears are stilled and strivings cease. My comforter, my All in All, Here in the love of Christ, I stand."

Am I magically better today? Not at all. I have still doubted myself even today, and I know I will tomorrow, and probably the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, too. But I have reminded myself that doubt and worry are not things that come from God and He is the only person who can take that burden off of me...and put it on Himself. Because He loves me so much that he is in desperate need to do that. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday the 13th! 

Baylor isn't playing this weekend {and I could care less about the Alabama vs. A&M game, blegh} so we are doing a ton of projects around the house. Namely? Putting together the crib that my parents, "Foxy" and "Bear" purchased for us! 

{Also? Ignore my dirty glass door, please!}

When I got home yesterday, I saw this huge box on our front porch and immediately got excited. Our poor UPS man. And my poor husband who had to drag it into the house! He was not amused, obviously! 

My dad posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook yesterday of my cousin Robert and me when we were two and two and a half. My dad captioned it, "The mother of my soon-to-be grandson and my flight instructor - May 6, 1989." That made me tear up a little bit! 

For the longest time, my aunt and uncle lived in the house behind us and Robert {and his sister, Rebecca} and I would play together. Robert and I were always in the same grade at the same schools growing up, and we're a mere six months apart. It was so fun growing up with cousins so close in age! In fact, Robert and I called each other "Robby" and "Bobby" when we were little. His makes sense since his name is Robert, but I guess I needed something that rhymed with Robby so we called me Bobby! Ha! 

What's crazy is that I actually remember the day this picture was taken. 

I made Cooking Light's Beefy Corn and Black Bean Chili {and cornbread} last night, except I always substitute the beef for turkey. Y'all, it is seriously one of our favorite meals. I doubled it with the full intent of freezing the rest for when the baby gets here, but Brandon begged me to keep it in the fridge so we can eat on it this weekend. 

I'm so excited to go home tonight, curl up on the couch and eat this chili. Even though it's still in the high 90s here. Oh well. 

Lately I have been dying over pie. Like, craving it to the point that I am about to whip something up and hoard it for myself. And it doesn't help that I'm pinning all of these great pie recipes, either. 

I can't stop ordering things from Etsy! It is an addiction and needs to stop. It totally doesn't help that they store my credit card information so all I have to do is click, "Purchase," either. Ha! But seriously. I have got to stop. :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday...FINALLY!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Happy Thursday! Has this week dragged on for anyone else? I feel like I'm never going to get to Friday at this pace! Whew! 

Here are a few things I'm loving lately...

His bedding came in last night 

I'm in love! I can't wait to get it all set up and show y'all pictures of his room once it's complete!

Never did I ever think I would get into this show, but alas, I have. I have to tell y'all that I love trivia games and game shows! Brandon will be the first to tell you that I have the most random facts stored in my brain and know so much random, weird trivia. {My dad is the same way.} A highlight of my day is putting "Jeopardy" on TV while I cook in the evenings. I know, just call me an 80-year-old! 

But anyway, we turned this show on last night and I kept getting questions right, so when they advertised their app, of course we both got it {it's free}! I'm telling y'all, we sat on the couch for a good hour playing that game. I had to make myself stop. Ha! 

This meme I found on Pinterest

I laughed at this for entirely too long. If you're a "Les Miserables" fan, you will understand. :)

And finally...

This "Be Our Guest" chalkboard {also from Pinterest}

I need to make one of these for our guest room stat. It's so cute!

Hope y'all have a great Thursday...and that Friday comes soon!!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

I absolutely can't believe it has been 12 years. 

I was in 9th grade, walking to my Health class when a fellow student told us the news in the hallway. I remember our school going on lockdown, and then I remember watching the news coverage in my parents' living room later that evening, seeing my mom cry as she folded clothes. 

Even talking about it 12 years later still gives me chills. 

"Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended." -George W. Bush

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's a Boy! So Now What...?!

Thank you all for your sweet words about baby boy! We are thrilled and can't wait to meet him in {hopefully} February! 

To let my co-workers know the gender, I made cupcakes with a blue wrapper -- because who wants blue teeth from icing?! 

Brandon went out and bought a brand new blue tie for the occasion, which he sad he was going to pass along to this sweet baby one day and tell him this is the tie he bought when we found out he was a boy. He wore it to work on Monday and got lots of exciting responses from co-workers. 

The gender reveal I referenced Monday...? Well, I couldn't wait to tell everyone, so I totally ruined the surprise. I truly am like a kid at Christmas. 

I had my aunt send these cookies to my mom and dad and to us {for my in-law's}, but they wouldn't have arrived until today and I just could. not. wait. 

But aren't they cute?!

On another note, we ordered his bedding on Friday evening {again, I couldn't wait!} and I'm absolutely in love with it. 

I just love sweet, precious baby boy bedding and clothes, which of course is just my taste. This was actually in the "It's a Surprise!" section of the website, but I just love how it's not too super hero-y, animal-y or fire truck-y. But of course, that's just my taste! 


Now that we know it's a boy, I sometimes get this overwhelming sense of fear/excitement/giddiness/pure shock that God has entrusted us with this little life, this little soul. I know we will be able to do this with His help, but knowing He has given us this gift is just times. Not that we're not excited in the least; we just both sit back and thinking, "This is real. He is going to be ours. He is a gift. He is ours." 


Monday, September 9, 2013

It's A...

Yup, sweet Baby Boy W will be here in just a few short months!

I swore I'd never post an ultrasound picture {and it's not on Facebook or Twitter, so don't worry!}, but I couldn't help it with this sweet one. 

And so on Saturday - in between the Baylor vs. Buffalo game - I couldn't help but wash his sweet little clothes in Dreft. They smell so good.

{It feels so good to give him a pronoun: "him," "his," instead of saying "it.} 

Happy Monday.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Here are the five random things going on in my life today...

Today is the day: we find out if Baby W is a boy or a girl! I definitely think it's a boy...and even wore blue today - and so did Brandon. Ha! I can't wait to let y'all know the gender once my parents and in-law's know! {Anyone have any guesses?}

My Aunt Katherine is helping us with a tiny little "gender reveal" for my parents and in-law's, and I'm so excited to show y'all what she's going to do. It's going to be cute!

My friend Liz recently told me about TIGI Small Talk when we were in Ulta the other day. I picked it up on a whim and I am obsessed with it! It makes this gal's super fine, thin, flat hair have so much volume and texture, and it really makes teasing a lot easier. 

Someone posted on their Facebook the other day that Christmas is only X number of days away and it gave me major panic. Can I please enjoy fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving first?! {Even though I'll start buying gifts in early November?} 

I've been laying off the Pinterest recipes for the last few weeks and have instead made recipes from good ol' family favorites. Some of the recent meals: Crescent Chicken Rolls with Wild Rice; Cranberry Chicken; Baked Spaghetti; Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Spaghetti. Brandon has just loved them, so maybe this will be my go-to "recipe book" for a while. 

I'm excited for yet another Saturday of college football; Baylor especially! It's making me crave 80* temperatures, but I know they'll come slowly but surely. Sic 'Em, Bears!

I'm also trying to find a cute green tunic to wear to Homecoming next month with my maternity skinny jeans. :) If anyone sees a cute one, let me know! 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home Grown

I am so excited to share with y'all my mom {and her friend's} new venture, Home Grown

They have so many fun little gifts, from stemless wine glasses to T-shirts and then some big items like reclaimed furniture, chalkboards, etc. 

I'm so proud of her! Go take a peek at their Facebook page!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tales from Pregnant Land

I had the first "pregnant problem" of the day today. Actually, I've had a lot of those personally, but never the one where someone actually calls you out. 

So picture this, okay?

My friend/co-worker Susana and I go to McAlister's for lunch today. I'm not feeling that great {just nauseous in my 19th week of pregnancy, NBD} and just want to order my food and sit down. 

I'm wearing a white button-down shirt {non-maternity} and a cute pink skirt from Gap with an exposed gold zipper in the back {also non-maternity}. Well, because my stomach was hurting...and also because this is likely the last time I'll be able to wear this skirt until post-baby...I had the zipper unzipped in the back about 1/4 of an inch. Totally not noticeable. 

So, after I placed my order, I went to get a lid for my tea at their little drink station. A woman comes up behind me and says in the most sarcastic voice, "Your skirt is not zipped all the way in the back. Did you know that?" I turned around, looked at her and said, "Yes, I knew that. I'm pregnant." And just held my gaze for about five seconds before walking off. 

Y'all, the look on her face was priceless. I'm sorry, but please don't say that to me, whether you knew I was pregnant or not. Perhaps she was just trying to be nice, but I was not in the mood. 

...and then I proceeded to throw up in the bathroom at the restaurant. 



Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day! We have done a whole bunch of not laboring today, and I've loved every single minute of it! 

It was not what I'd call a fabulous day, so when my office let us go at 3:30 p.m., I was out the door like a bolt of lightening. I came home, sat in bed and bawled to Brandon until I didn't think I could cry anymore. Then, after a snack of Cheez-Its {the pregnant lady's glass of wine}, we ran to Kroger to rent a Rug Doctor to clean our carpets. Because nothing says "I need to de-stress" like cleaning the carpets in your bedrooms. And then getting a car wash. And then doing laundry. 

Brandon kept his promise and we watched "The Big Wedding" while we waited for our carpets to dry. It was cute, but I wouldn't watch it again. Glad we waited for it to come out on On-Demand. 

It was amazing to wake up to College GameDay on ESPN! Even though it was a sweltering 103*, it still felt like fall as I downed my Cap'n Crunch and watched the announcers predict the winners of the day. 

To prepare for Baylor's game, I made Brandon grab down our "Sic 'Em, Bears!" football door hanger my cousin Alex made for me. {Here's her website; she's based in Houston and now has a store!} 

I think it brought us good luck, because Baylor beat Wofford {who?!} 69-3. Go Bears!

We spent the rest of the day getting a few things done around the house! 

My brother came up from Waco to hang out with us, since he had Labor Day off, too. We went to church, where our pastor preached for the first time since July. Oh, how we have missed him! His sweet wife, Andrea, has been diagnosed with lymphoma, and our church is giving him three months off to take care of his family, hence why he hasn't preached in a while! You can read more about the Smiths here; they are truly finding joy in the journey. 

After church, we went to Red Hot & Blue for lunch. Y'all, that food is good. I could have a meal just of their potato salad and sweet tea! Which, speaking of sweet tea, this is how they serve it to you: 

...everything's bigger in Texas. 

Sunday afternoon, we all lazed around the house and enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. I even got crazy and had Brandon make me a "mocktail"using my friend Liz's recipe: 

-White Grape Juice
-Perrier Sparkling Water
-Splash of Lime 

If I closed my eyes really tight, I could swear it was white wine sangria. ;) 

We woke up to some much-needed rain in North Texas, which was the perfect excuse for us to laze around even more. Brandon and Oliver just sat at the window and watched it rain while my brother slept in. I love these boys! 

This afternoon, I started cooking a meal to take to our pastor and his family: chicken spaghetti, marinated green beans, rolls and angel salad. YUM, if I do say so myself! I even took a note from A Gal and Her Dog and doubled the chicken spaghetti recipe and am freezing a tray for us to have once the baby gets here. It was some kind of work at the time, but I know we'll be thankful when we don't have to cook and/or eat out with a new baby! 

I hope you've had a relaxing, non-laborous Labor Day!
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