Sunday, August 18, 2013


I guess I have resorted to only posting on Sundays now! Sorry, y'all. 

We had another Restaurant Week reservation at Wolfgang Puck 560 in Reunion Tower, which, for all of you non-Dallasites or non-Texans, it's the giant "ball." 

It gives a great 360* view of the city from 560 feet up in the air. 

I wasn't as pleased with the service or the food at 560 as I was at III Forks last week. Our waiter basically wrote us off when we told him we wouldn't be partaking in any beverages other than water, which really chapped me. I mean, hello, I told him I was pregnant so obviously. For the rest of the evening, he was very rude and only showed up at our table when I had zero water left in my glass and I was looking around for him to refill it. 

Anyway, we ordered the California Roll to start; then I had the Pork Belly Pot Stickers, while Brandon had the Hot and Sweet Corn Summer Soup; for our main courses, I had the Crispy Pork "TonKatsu" (which was basically a giant pork chop...not a fan), and Brandon had the Braised Short Rib. For dessert, they brought us each a tiny sampler platter of Vanilla Citrus Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle Cake and Strawberry Sorbet. 

However, it was a great evening with Brandon and I was so comfortable because I finally broke out a maternity dress for the first time. 

We slept in and then I read the latest edition of "Real Simple" while sipping pumpkin spice coffee. Then, as if I didn't get enough sleep, I took an hour nap before running a ton of errands in the afternoon. 

My biggest project for Saturday was organizing all of our files: birth certificates, mortgage information, home buying documents, wills, Oliver's rabies certificates, car titles, etc. 

It was originally in a bunch of random file folders and notebooks in our hall closet. I really am Type-A/OCD...but it's selective. I will have the cleanest house, but don't look in a few of my drawers or closets. And this is the prime example. 

So, I purchased a huge file box and hanging file folders from Target and went through every. single. document. with Brandon to ensure we needed it, and then organized it in the folders in the box. 


...and after. 

I didn't sleep very well, so I finally got up and had coffee on our back porch. It has actually been cool {for us Texans, at least} in the mornings, and it was the perfect morning to relax outside in the quiet. 

We started Sunday School today and then went to church, then came home and had leftovers for lunch. My mother-in-law stopped by to look at a bunch of the sweet baby clothes of mine that I brought home from my parents' a few weeks ago. Brandon is currently playing golf and I'm watching HGTV {what else?!} on the couch. 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

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  1. I'm watching with you! Marathon of House Hunter's? Yes please! We've been dying to go up in "the big ball", but now I think we might try some other places first! haha Great job on organizing your files!! ;) It looks great!


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