Monday, August 5, 2013

I Need Your Help!

Hi, friends! I hope your weekend was fun! Mine sure was.

I'll get around to posting about my weekend at home tomorrow, but in the meantime, I have a question for y'all. And seriously, HELP ME! 

I have a co-worker that calls me, "Miss Brittany." I would understand if she were 20 years older than me {I had a former client do this}, but she's only two years older than me. I almost feel like it's a little demeaning. 

How do I {politely} tell her that I'd rather her just call me by my name? I'm a "Big Talker Betty Crocker," but when it comes to confrontation -- especially in the workplace -- I cower down a bit. 

Ready, go! 

{Heelppppp meeeeeeeeee!!!}



  1. Hmm, that's awkward! Have you tried saying "you can just call me Brittany" or calling her "Miss " to see if she catches on? Wonder if she does this to all her co workers...

  2. eeek, this is so awkward! I hate confrontation but maybe just correct her sometime? I always have to correct people with how to say my name and it's so frustrating. Hope it goes well :)

  3. yikes...okay what if next time she says it to say "you crack me up! you always say "Miss Brittany" should I call you Miss ___?" and try and laugh it off?!

    good luck!!!


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