Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend: Nephew Style

For some reason, it's taking me until Tuesday afternoon to write a weekend post for y'all. And also for some reason, the only pictures I took this weekend were of my nephew. Oops!

I didn't have to work {yay summer!} so I had lunch with my aunt, then got a prenatal massage. It was definitely not as good as a traditional massage -- and it was pretty weird laying on my side the whole time -- but it was still relaxing. 

That evening, we had dinner at my in-law's with Brandon's brothers and our sister-in-law. Brandon's brother, Todd, brought his sweet new baby, Brayden. And of course I completely hogged the baby and held him basically the entire time. 

I made supper {chicken spaghetti, peas and chocolate chip cookies} for Brayden's mom, Savannah, and her parents. I got to hold this sweet little nugget for two days in a row an dI was in complete heaven. He is seriously one of the cutest, best babies I have ever seen/been around. #nephewlove

After seeing Brayden, I went over to Southlake Town Square and Grapevine Mills Mall to find some maternity clothes. I would just like to say to all the companies that make maternity clothes:


I have had enough of looking at floral patterns, ugly sweaters and dresses with tie-backs. I mean, why can't there be cute skinny pants with a belly built in? Or cute tunics? Things like this, this and this are what drive me nuts. And yes, I realize Loft makes cute maternity clothes, but ever since they lost my shipment that I ordered on July 11 {that I still haven't received or been compensated for}, I'm kind of on a Loft hiatus. 

An!y!way! I seriously think I have found my new calling: designing cute, affordable maternity clothes. Nothing with florals, nothing that's out of style, nothing that looks like something my grandmother would have worn when she was pregnant, and nothing that makes me feel any bigger than I already do. 

Side note: I did find some cute things at the Motherhood Maternity at Grapevine Mills, namely because they carried A Pea in the Pod items, which are actually cute. And? Maternity yoga pants? Yeah, those won't be just for the remainder of my pregnancy, I will tell you that might right now. 

Moving right along...

We went to church, had lunch at Potbelly and then I took an insanely good afternoon nap. We have started watching "Veep" and I'm insanely addicted and could watch episode after episode. 

How's that for a random post?

Hope y'all have a good rest of the week! 


  1. That's such a bummer that you can't find clothes! :( You need to get on designing some for whenever we decide to have a baby I'll have something to wear! ;)

  2. A pea in the pod is definitely a winner. Except for the $$$. The best thing is to just drop some cash on a few staples-black or charcoal skinnies (great for work!), jeans, and some tanks. You can layer with regular cardis and cheaper tops and sweaters. Old Navy has some decent stuff and if you go to the back of baby Gap, they have Gap maternity. I worked while preggers and I wore some black skinnies ALL THE TIME. I just made sure I had a top that covered my bum and was comfy all day long.

  3. I am addicted to Veep too! The language is awful, but Julia is brilliant!

  4. I am addicted to Veep too! The language is awful, but Julia is brilliant!


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