Monday, July 22, 2013

How We Told Our Families

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone for your sweet blog comments, Facebook posts/messages, tweets, text messages, phone calls and gifts! We are so excited about this sweet baby and absolutely can't wait to meet him or her around February 1! 

We wanted a fun, creative {non-cheesy} way to tell our families we were pregnant. 

Since my parents have a spot on the lake where they spend a lot of time, we thought a cute baby adirondack chair to add to the adult, multi-colored adirondack chairs they already have on their dock would be a neat way to tell them. I found this tiny chair at Wal-Mart, then wrote a little message on an index card that I fixed to the chair. 

The message said:

"He or she
What will it be?
Find out on 
Feb. 1, 2014!" 

We told my parents, siblings and entire family over Father's Day weekend. My little sister's face was priceless; I will remember it forever. She just stared at us wide-eyed for a minute with her mouth wide open. It was so cute!


Since we were the last of Brandon's brothers to tell my in-law's we were pregnant, I was kind of out of ideas, to tell you the truth! 

We scoured so many stores (Old Navy, Target, Babies "R" Us, etc.) to find a gender-neutral bib that said something along the lines of "Little Blessing" or "I'm a Blessing," etc. NOTHING was found anywhere that was either A) gender-neutral or B) didn't say something cheesy like "I Love My Aunt!" 

Finally we ran across this $1 bib at Wal-Mart {knocking it out of the park for me, Wally!} to give them. I wrapped it up in a little box and we posed it as a late Father's Day gift for my father-in-law. 

He was a bit confused at first, but my mother-in-law {who was standing in front of him in the kitchen as he was unwrapping} totally got it and screamed, "Y'all too!?!" and started hugging everyone in the room. It was adorable. 


And speaking of babies, the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor as I type! I am so excited, but I feel so bad for her, too. There is nothing like having millions of people wait for you to give family alone in a waiting room is pressure enough! 


Stay tuned for lots more "catching up" posts this week, including our "babymoon!" 


  1. Love! Now you need to write a post about your cravings. :D

  2. Darling ideas!! Next time you can just have me monogram a bib for you ;)


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