Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend: Nephew Style

For some reason, it's taking me until Tuesday afternoon to write a weekend post for y'all. And also for some reason, the only pictures I took this weekend were of my nephew. Oops!

I didn't have to work {yay summer!} so I had lunch with my aunt, then got a prenatal massage. It was definitely not as good as a traditional massage -- and it was pretty weird laying on my side the whole time -- but it was still relaxing. 

That evening, we had dinner at my in-law's with Brandon's brothers and our sister-in-law. Brandon's brother, Todd, brought his sweet new baby, Brayden. And of course I completely hogged the baby and held him basically the entire time. 

I made supper {chicken spaghetti, peas and chocolate chip cookies} for Brayden's mom, Savannah, and her parents. I got to hold this sweet little nugget for two days in a row an dI was in complete heaven. He is seriously one of the cutest, best babies I have ever seen/been around. #nephewlove

After seeing Brayden, I went over to Southlake Town Square and Grapevine Mills Mall to find some maternity clothes. I would just like to say to all the companies that make maternity clothes:


I have had enough of looking at floral patterns, ugly sweaters and dresses with tie-backs. I mean, why can't there be cute skinny pants with a belly built in? Or cute tunics? Things like this, this and this are what drive me nuts. And yes, I realize Loft makes cute maternity clothes, but ever since they lost my shipment that I ordered on July 11 {that I still haven't received or been compensated for}, I'm kind of on a Loft hiatus. 

An!y!way! I seriously think I have found my new calling: designing cute, affordable maternity clothes. Nothing with florals, nothing that's out of style, nothing that looks like something my grandmother would have worn when she was pregnant, and nothing that makes me feel any bigger than I already do. 

Side note: I did find some cute things at the Motherhood Maternity at Grapevine Mills, namely because they carried A Pea in the Pod items, which are actually cute. And? Maternity yoga pants? Yeah, those won't be just for the remainder of my pregnancy, I will tell you that might right now. 

Moving right along...

We went to church, had lunch at Potbelly and then I took an insanely good afternoon nap. We have started watching "Veep" and I'm insanely addicted and could watch episode after episode. 

How's that for a random post?

Hope y'all have a good rest of the week! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Something I Love

I make it no secret my admiration for the Bush family, especially George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Pierce Bush, and their son, George W. Bush, and his wife, Laura. I think they are classy, genuine people who do so much for others. 

You may have heard that 89-year-old George H.W. Bush recently shaved his head in support for two-year-old Patrick, the son of one of his security personnel. 

Regardless of your political views, this should tug at your heartstrings. It definitely did mine. 

The former president's wife said of him in an interview with granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager: 

"You're a great, gentle man. And we certainly could use good, clean, gentlemen these days. I think the world longs for people like Gampy [his grandfather name]." 

That made me cry! And made me realize how, if we have a son, it's so important to raise him to be a good, Christian gentleman. 

Also, if you're unaware, George and Barbara's oldest daughter, Robin, passed away from leukemia in 1953, so this is a disease and cause near and dear to the Bush family's heart. 

You can read an article from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about former President Bush shaving his head in solidarity with this sweet little boy here

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Alright, time to take a break from the baby posts to tell you a bit about what I've been loving lately. 
And I'm here to tell you that I promise, promise, promise that not every blog post will be about babies and/or pregnancy! I hate when other bloggers do that, so I promise to not do that to y'all. Mmmmkay? :)

Moving on...

This stuff smells amazing and really does make my skin so super soft {especially my elbows, heels and knees}. And, it's a little more than $6! Can't beat that. 

I picked this up on a whim yesterday because CVS was out of the usual shade I wear. It looks really pink in the tube, but is very neutral on my lips and is honestly the same shade as my lips. I really love it! 

It goes without saying that I'm a southern girl and love college football, especially my Baylor Bears! It's been a looooooong time since we won the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27, so this girl is ready for college football to come back! And it does next month! I can't wait. 

All football makes me think of is fall, which I crave, and pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin-flavored things, cool Saturdays bundled up on the couch watching football and fires in the fireplace. I love fall! 

And lastly, the Royal Baby

It goes without saying how much I'm obsessed with the British Royal Family, so it's no surprise I have Googled and read every single article about them since Kate entered the Lindo Wing on Monday! I am just so happy for them {not that they care a hoot about me or my happiness!} and I loved their coordinating blue outfits. {And the polka dots in a nod to Diana, Princess of Wales.} 

Kate looked beautiful, per usual, and I'm just loving the fact that she had her little post-partum belly on display. {Celebrities! They're just like us!} No, but seriously. I'm glad she didn't come out looking like Victoria Beckham and/or Heidi Klum. She's just a regular mom, as all the news outlets have been saying...with nannies and security and probably gets to sleep through the night, but that's neither here nor there. ;) 


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I've always loathed the term "Babymoon," but I can't think of anything else appropriate for this trip, so "Babymoon" it is! 

We decided on a whim to go to Miami in late June. We browsed around AA.com and saw they had great flight deals to Ft. Lauderdale {with a deal going on with Hyatt} so we booked quickly for a trip over the Independence Day week/end. 

We left bright and early on July 3 {following an incident with TSA that I just can't get into because it still makes me mad} and were in Ft. Lauderdale by lunchtime. 

We rented a compact car, and of course got the Mini Cooper. It was so cute and really fun to bee-bop around the Florida coast in. 

Our first stop before we headed down south was Le Tub for lunch. {You didn't think this preggo would skip a meal? No way.} 

It was a funky little restaurant right on the water with handwritten menus. The waiters weren't exactly the most helpful and/or attentive, but it was good food. The burgers are huuuuuge; next time Brandon and I would just split one. But it was a nice place to decompress from our flight and start our miniature vacation. 

Then, we headed south for Miami. It really was a quick 40 minute drive {and perhaps I'm from Texas and it takes me 30 minutes to get to work every morning, so it doesn't seem that long...} and checked into our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables

It was a beautiful, newly-renovated hotel. Brandon and I booked the Petite Suite with a free parking pass every day, which really saved us in the long run. Our first room {more on that later} was on the 10th floor and overlooked the Miami skyline and the hotel pool. I promptly got into a robe and house slippers and lounged on the bed. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening by the pool and had a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant, Two Sisters

The next day {Independence Day} we ventured to Miami's famous South Beach. It was packed, but it was a really cool atmosphere. Once we finally found parking, we had lunch at The Carlyle, where the movie "The Birdcage" was filmed. 

The meal was so-so, but the people watching was excellent. We're talking people in thong bikinis just wandering the streets, people in Maseratis revving their engines, and men in Speedos galavanting along Ocean Drive. It was hilarious. 

Oh, and see this drink? It was $24. They don't advertise their prices, so when you order, be sure to specify a small or they'll bring you this monster and you'll end up with more Long Island Iced Tea than you know what to do with. 

After lunch, we rented an umbrella and laid on South Beach all day long. It was very crowded since it was Independence Day, but the atmosphere couldn't be beat. We would venture into the crystal blue water when we felt like it, took little naps and enjoyed weather that was way cooler than any July we've ever seen or felt in Texas. 

After South Beach, I was starving {go figure}, so we stopped at Shake Shack for a hot dog. What's the Fourth of July without a hot dog?! I was super impressed with Shake Shack...and their prices! 

After devouring my hot dog, we wandered around Lincoln Road Mall in our swimsuits and cover-ups. Ha! But that's the thing about Miami: anything goes! 

We had big plans to watch the fireworks at The Biltmore Hotel, but we were both swamped, so we stayed in the hotel and watched the fireworks on TV. Ha! 

We spent the next morning relaxing in the hotel room before we both {yes, both!} got facials at Skintique. It was such a relaxing morning/afternoon! 

That evening, we had dinner at Whisk -- our favorite meal of the entire trip, and perhaps one of our favorite meals ever. If you're in the Miami area, I highly recommend Whisk. We even saw actor Carlos Ponce there! 

Brandon ordered wine and I had a really good fruit-flavored, fresh-squeezed soda, along with fried green tomatoes {with herbed buttermilk dressing} to start. I ordered the Lowcountry Shrimp & Grits and Brandon had the Buttermilk Marinated Bell & Evans Fried Chicken Breast, along with the best smashed potatoes I've ever tasted in my life and some veggies. We even got daring and had dessert: bourbon bread pudding. Y'all, it was seriously a fantastic meal. We were thoroughly impressed. 

{Dallasites: it reminded me of a mix between Tillman's and Smoke.}

After dinner, we ventured out to Key Biscayne to watch the sunset and marvel at the gorgeous, stately homes. 

Our last day, we laid out by the pool at our hotel before driving back north to Ft. Lauderdale to catch our late afternoon flight home. 

Okay, now onto the whole "first room"/"second room" situation. As I mentioned, our first room was on the 10th floor...but it was literally right behind the elevators. Which meant it was loud and we were kept up all night. We called the front desk and they graciously put us in the same room, but on the fifth floor. However, the piping was ridiculously loud {and obviously old} because every time you'd turn on the sink, shower or flush the toilet, it made a loud rumbling, grunting sound until it was turned off. And it wasn't just our room. It was all the rooms above us, below us and in our vicinity. So that, too, was a nuisance. 

But, when we checked out, Brandon kindly let them know they needed to get that checked out. They were so horrified they comped a big meal we had at the hotel restaurant and even put money back on our credit card as a credit. It was very nice and meant a lot to us that they were willing to go the extra mile for their customers. 

Their customer service was excellent and they had everything you could possibly want or need on-site. The only thing I would request is a room on the 16th floor nowhere near the elevators. :) Oh, and request extra pillows because theirs are the size of Band-Aids. 


All in all, it was a fabulous trip and I can't wait to go back to Miami soon!

Monday, July 22, 2013

How We Told Our Families

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone for your sweet blog comments, Facebook posts/messages, tweets, text messages, phone calls and gifts! We are so excited about this sweet baby and absolutely can't wait to meet him or her around February 1! 

We wanted a fun, creative {non-cheesy} way to tell our families we were pregnant. 

Since my parents have a spot on the lake where they spend a lot of time, we thought a cute baby adirondack chair to add to the adult, multi-colored adirondack chairs they already have on their dock would be a neat way to tell them. I found this tiny chair at Wal-Mart, then wrote a little message on an index card that I fixed to the chair. 

The message said:

"He or she
What will it be?
Find out on 
Feb. 1, 2014!" 

We told my parents, siblings and entire family over Father's Day weekend. My little sister's face was priceless; I will remember it forever. She just stared at us wide-eyed for a minute with her mouth wide open. It was so cute!


Since we were the last of Brandon's brothers to tell my in-law's we were pregnant, I was kind of out of ideas, to tell you the truth! 

We scoured so many stores (Old Navy, Target, Babies "R" Us, etc.) to find a gender-neutral bib that said something along the lines of "Little Blessing" or "I'm a Blessing," etc. NOTHING was found anywhere that was either A) gender-neutral or B) didn't say something cheesy like "I Love My Aunt!" 

Finally we ran across this $1 bib at Wal-Mart {knocking it out of the park for me, Wally!} to give them. I wrapped it up in a little box and we posed it as a late Father's Day gift for my father-in-law. 

He was a bit confused at first, but my mother-in-law {who was standing in front of him in the kitchen as he was unwrapping} totally got it and screamed, "Y'all too!?!" and started hugging everyone in the room. It was adorable. 


And speaking of babies, the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor as I type! I am so excited, but I feel so bad for her, too. There is nothing like having millions of people wait for you to give birth...one family alone in a waiting room is pressure enough! 


Stay tuned for lots more "catching up" posts this week, including our "babymoon!" 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Announcement...

We are so excited about this little blessing and can't wait to meet him/her in February! 

And some details for those of you who are interested...

I found out I was pregnant on Tuesday, May 28. I had been feeling a bit "off," and after venting to my friend and co-worker, Liz, about my symptoms, she suggested I take a test. I kept thinking to myself -- and saying to her, "Okay, yeah, right. I am not pregnant." But there was that tiny little nagging thought in the back of my mind that I just might be, so I went home after an event we had and just bit the bullet, per se, and took it. 

I just knew it was going to say "Not Pregnant," so I got changed into my comfy clothes, threw my hair up in a bun and unpacked my bag from the day, almost forgetting about the test sitting on the counter. As I was getting ready to leave the bathroom, I glanced over at it, casually picked it up and got ready to toss it in the trash. But I caught a glimpse and it said one word: "Pregnant." 

All I could think was, "Oh. My. Gosh. Ohmygosh. This is real." 

So I walked out into the living room with it behind my back and said something to Brandon along the lines of, "Hey! Look what I got today!" and showed him. His face was priceless. He just kept looking at me with his mouth and eyes wide open, laughing a nervous little laugh. It was honestly the most surreal moment ever. 

We went back into the bedroom and just sat on our bed and talked. And talked. I just kept saying, "I don't feel like this is real!" I took three more tests just to make sure. :)

When all four tests came back positive, I called my doctor the next day and set an appointment for six weeks. Those two weeks of waiting were pure torture, but I felt great, so it didn't bother me too much. 

We went to the doctor for the first time at six weeks and unfortunately weren't able to see the heartbeat, so my doctor asked us back for the next week. 

It was during this week's time that my body knew it was pregnant. And knew it with a vengeance. I was so sick the following Monday that I couldn't even go to work. I eventually had to call my doctor and beg for Zofran, which was the only thing that allowed me to function as a somewhat normal human being. I was basically on the BRAT diet, subsisting off of Saltines, applesauce, water and Gatorade {when I could tolerate it}. I couldn't even stand up to take a shower; I had to take a bath every. single. morning, which got old pretty quickly. Every day when I came home from work, I would pass out in bed until Brandon got home. We'd eat dinner, then I'd fall asleep on the couch again. I was so ridiculously tired and weak! 

Later that week, we went back to the doctor to see if we could hear the baby's heartbeat. I was so nervous and just prayed that it was there and that the baby was okay...especially after my consistent sickness. And sure enough, we saw the little flicker on the screen and then heard the heartbeat on the doppler. It was the sweetest sound ever! I could not stop crying. 

 I'm officially 12 weeks today! I still have trouble getting moving in the mornings, and I often wake up hungry in the middle of the night and in the morning. I have severe aversions to raw meat and onions {especially the smell of the dried, jarred kind}, and it's hard for me to eat the food I've cooked. There's just something about seeing how it's made that grosses me out. Also? My eyes are way bigger than my stomach. Anytime we go out to eat, I'll order something I normally do and will take about 3-4 bites before I'm finished and can't eat anything else. So that's fun. {Not.} I also still get sick about once a week in the mornings, so that's fun, too. {Not.} 

Stay tuned for how we told our families...!

PS: Special thanks to my friend {and co-worker} Liz Haas for the gorgeous photos. She's amazing, y'all! 
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