Friday, May 3, 2013

What We Ate This Week

It's Friday. FINALLY. Whew, what a week it has been for me. 

We were abnormally very busy outside of work this week, so I honestly feel like I got run over by a train. A pedicure and a glass of wine is calling my name tonight. Fo' real. 

Anyway, here's what we ate this week. Honestly? It was kind of a crap food week and I'm really hoping next week shapes up a bit better. Ha!

This was super yummy and so easy. I added chicken to ours and left out the nuts. It was perfect for the nearly 80 degree weather we were having earlier this week. 
{And then it was 40-something degrees in Dallas yesterday. Seriously?}

I loved this, but Brandon was just not in love with it. I just need to stick to my basic salt and pepper "marinade" on salmon and let it be! 

Spicy Hawaiian Burgers + sweet potato fries

These were good, but I think next time I'll just buy chicken breasts and make this bad boy a chicken sandwich. The meat was really runny and Brandon had a really tough time with them on the grill. However, the pineapples {and my glass of wine} were a nice touch. 


Last night, I got together with my former clients and co-workers at Taco Diner. It was so good to see them. That's me in the middle. In a sweater. In May. Gosh, I look so tired. 

Also? This is my psycho animal, Oliver. He knows we keep his catnip mice in "his" basket in the laundry room cabinets. I got home the other day and he was on the dryer digging through his basket. And yes, he opened the cabinet door himself. 

Excuse my old dryer. Also? #justkeepingitreal

We are going to see "Wicked" tomorrow and have a baby shower on Sunday, so I'll be back with lots of pictures on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend!


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