Friday, May 10, 2013

What We Ate This Week + "Stuff"

Holy cow, y'all. It's Friday. I haven't posted since Tuesday. We've been dealing with a lot of "stuff" this week. Life's hard sometimes, you know? 

Anyway, here's what we ate this week: 

Like I said, this was some week, so I honestly used what I had on hand. Instead of rice, I used quinoa, and instead of red bell peppers, I used orange. Hey, whatever works, right?! This is such a great, easy standby meal. 

We both enjoyed this. Again, super easy...especially when you keep frozen chicken breast strips on hand and can zap those babies in a heartbeat. 
Again, I totally used what I had: instead of grape tomatoes, I just diced a regular tomato; left out the red onion; and used an entire container of goat cheese because - have I mentioned it before? - WE LOVE GOAT CHEESE. {Too much with the all caps?}

{And a Corona Light...ahem.}

Alright. About this. 'Twas good, but it just needed...more. Like quinoa maybe? It was fresh, but I just needed a tiny but more substance to it. 
Oh, and another thing? Don't use imitation crab. For the love of everything, don't. If/when I make this again, I'll be using fresh lobster or even chicken. Seriously. #wifeyfail


Speaking of the-week-that-forever-shall-not-be-named-again, Brandon came home with a bouquet of flowers. I love him. 

Can I tell y'all a funny story? Don't judge me, mmmmkay? 

When we were dating, he would either have flowers sent to me from a florist {point one for Brandon!} or he'd stop by the grocery store and bring me some when he was just thinking about me. But when he'd bring them home from the grocery store, they'd still be in the cellophane they give you. Now, DO NOT JUDGE ME, but I hate that cellophane those come in. 

So, I politely said to him, "Did you know if you ask them, the grocery floral department will wrap the flowers in tissue paper for you?" He looked at me like, "Did you totally just say that to me?!" Ha! But, it's a little known fact that they'll do that! You buy a thing of flowers for $9.99 and they'll wrap it in pretty tissue paper and tie it with a ribbon for free. Looks much better, right!? 

Oh, and if you're having a craptastic week, just give a cat a bath. It will make you laugh, I promise. :) 

{ETA: We didn't give Oliver a bath just to make us laugh. He was disgusting from playing in the mud in our new backyard. PETA, don't come after me, please. Kthanks.}

And finally {because what could be more random than this post?}, these are my new favorite work shoes, which I found from Hillary's blog

I told my sweet co-workers about them, and now they have them, too! Gotta share the comfortable shoes love! 

Have a great weekend, y'all. 

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