Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Backyard Before and After

This is so embarrassing for me to show you, but this was my backyard as of Sunday night: 

Disgusting, right? SO ASHAMED. 

In my defense, our seller didn't really do anything to our teeny tiny backyard and as I've mentioned before, it looks like he just went outside with a blindfold on and dropped trees and plants. There was also very little grass, and instead overgrown "gardens" all over the backyard. 

So we called a landscaper and he - in ONE day - did all of this: 

Our backyard is "L"-shaped, so we wanted more grass to make it feel bigger. We also wanted to make the gardens/flower beds in the bottom part of the "L" only. And he delivered! 

While they're tiny and still need to grow, we now have variegated pittosporum, Indian Hawthorn, knockout roses, sage, a crepe myrtle and a brand new Japanese Maple in our backyard. 

He cut down the yaupon holly trees (while they smelled good, they were really not meant for our little backyard), trimmed the other trees and added sod (!!!). 

And here's a little Vine video {complete with my nice ol' celebratory beer and Oliver's meowing soundtrack} for your enjoyment. 

Once I can walk on the sod {hopefully tonight}, I'll post more pictures for y'all. 


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