Sunday, April 28, 2013


Happy Sunday!

This weekend flew by because I was working Friday night and Saturday morning. 

But, I'm totally okay with it because I have the best co-workers {and I'm not just saying that because they read my blog}. Honestly? They keep me laughing all the time and work doesn't feel like work with them. It's refreshing to have co-workers who are also friends. #soblessed

Hi, girls! 

My brother came into town from college Friday night, so he and Brandon repainted our bathroom cabinets {pictures to come} and did boy-ish things. 

On Saturday while I was at an event, Brandon completely redid our front garden. If y'all could see what it looked like before, you'd cringe. Let's just say our sellers didn't exactly have green thumbs {says the girl with black thumbs}. 

I came in at the tail end of Brandon's hard work and helped plant a few things and spread mulch everywhere. Side note: You can never have enough mulch in Texas!!! 

Everything looks so tiny now, but I can't wait for it to grow and spread. 

Also? He planted four double knockout roses and I am more excited than humanly possible about them! {You know you're an adult when...} 

My great-grandmother used to have roses everywhere in her backyard and I completely remember it when I close my eyes and think of her. I want my great-grandkids to do the same for me. #cheesyalert

After our his hard work, we went to a little restaurant on the canals near our house. It was perfect springtime weather in Dallas, and the perfect evening to sit on the patio and share a bottle of wine. 

How handsome is he?

Have a fabulous rest-of-your Sunday!


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  1. Just found your blog this morning(from Kelly's Korner!) and ohmygosh your house is SO cute!!! I love the brick.


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