Sunday, April 21, 2013


Happy Sunday! 

Welcome to my new followers and visitors, who are visiting because I made my blog public on Friday. I'm happy to have you! I hope you'll stay awhile, read a bit about us and decide you like what you see to keep following us a bit more. We're just normal folks, living a {semi}normal life with a lot of bumps and bruises in between. But, we love life, love living it, love Jesus and love each other. We hope you'll join us on our journey. 


We had a full weekend. One of those that you hate to see go because you can just close your eyes and taste its awesomeness. 

Friday, we had dinner at a local farm-to-table restaurant, The Ranch. Absolutely everything is local {click below for more detail}, and nothing is not worth ordering. We had the Texas Lump Crab Dip {served with grilled flatbread} as an appetizer; I had pan-seared farm-raised Texas Black Snapper; Brandon ordered the chicken fried steak; and we sampled the Frozen Tito's Tea; Texas Mule and Peach Basil Gimlet, respectively. Add to that live Texas Country Music and it was the perfect Texas Friday night, and one that we both thoroughly enjoyed. 

We sat at the table and were "those people" following the capture of the Boston Marathon bomber on our phones. {I think I refreshed Twitter 5,046 times during our dinner.} I promise I'll give my P.O.V. on last week's events -- not that y'all are just waiting on pins and needles for it -- soon. 

At work, I wore my favorite bright pants from LOFT, a lace top from Target {thanks, Nina!} and a precious necklace from my aunt. I love spring wear! 

Saturday, we did SO MUCH around our house that it makes me tired just thinking about it. 

Brandon had golf lessons in the morning, so I cleaned our house from top to bottom...and did five loads of laundry. Side note: How in the world do two people have FIVE loads of laundry in one week!?

Afterward, we went to Home Depot for new blinds for our living room and kitchen; T.J. Maxx for flip-flops for my picky flip-flop obsessive husband; Pier 1 for curtains for our living room and the grocery store. 

We spent the entire afternoon doing yard work in the front yard; then, Brandon hung our new blinds and by the time he got around to hanging our new curtains, it was 11 p.m. Oops! 


After seven months, we finally have drapes in our living room! {Ignore the La-Z-Boy that will be on the outs soon!} 

I will tell y'all one thing: I hate color. 

It drives my husband nuts. 

But I am more the neutral/Pottery Barn/Southern Living/southern girl than I wish I was. If I could live in a completely black and white room, a la the Kardashians, I'd be A-okay. 

Here's our drapes in the daylight Well, sort of. 

And here they are at night. Don't mind the crap I have on my counters. 

Sunday, we went to church, where our pastor is preaching on the Beatitudes. I can't reiterate how much I LOVE OUR CHURCH. If you live in the Dallas area and don't have a home church, we'd love to have you. Even if it's just to visit, we'd love to see you there. We love the Lord and our mission is to lead people to trust and follow Christ. We're not perfect and don't claim to be, but man, do we love Jesus. And we want you to, too. 

After church, we took little naps and then had a bar-b-que with our friends P.J. and Belinda and their boys. I made a yummy fruit salad {watermelon, pineapple, grapes, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and mandarin oranges} and they had ribs, sausage, potato salad, corn on the cob and cole slaw. YUM! We had so much fun with our friends. 

We're back home and are getting cozy on the couch waiting for Mad Men

Hope y'all have an excellent week! 

How was your weekend?


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