Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Week in Food

I love looking at blogs for recipes. As much as I love Pinterest, I feel like I've been getting the majority of our recipes from there lately, so I've been scavenging blogs to find some new ones. 

And I know I used to do this, but I want to bring it back! 

I present to you: Menu...er...Tuesday!

This was such an easy meal to make! It took Brandon a minute to determine if he liked the taste, but once he did, he went back for seconds! It's full of protein. 

I know it's not summer, but last week's warm temperatures really got me in the mood for light, fresh salads. The only thing I did differently was added chicken for Brandon. 

Super easy and super tasty! While it has a bit more carbs, it's packed with protein, as well, so I feel like you're canceling the carbs out. Or so I tell myself. :)


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