Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He is risen! 

We had such a fun, eventful Easter weekend. 

Brandon took off of work {I had Friday off} and we slept late, which was awesome. We both cleaned the house and ran our respective errands. 

Then, Brandon and I went to pick out my {early} birthday present: a new coffee table...

...and side table! 

We purchased them both from Freed's, where we bought our couch. We have really been pleased with their customer service, price and inventory. {And our salesman, Reggie, was awesome. Seriously, request him if you go.} 

I spent all day getting ready for Easter! I used my great-grandmother, "Memmie"'s floral china and crystal to set my simple table. I added a little iridescent Easter egg with each person's name written on it as their place card. I knew my sweet Memmie would just love that I was using her beautiful china and crystal for my table. 

...and yes, my mother told me {after} I'd taken this photo that my salad forks were on the wrong side. #wifeyfail 

Brandon spent all afternoon Saturday getting our backyard ready for spring. Our seller did absolutely nothing to the backyard and it looks horrible. It was like he walked outside blindfolded and said, "Oh, I'll plant [insert plant that doesn't work for Texas] riiiiiiight here." Y'all, it's bad. 

Anyway, we haven't touched it, so we're going to have a landscape architect come out to pull out the nasty grass, add flower beds and just generally transform our backyard. We'll do all the planting, but we need someone to do the skeleton. It would take us months to do what a couple of people can do in a few days. 

We went to the early service at church this morning, and it was wonderful, per usual. 

Brandon and I read Matthew 28:1-7 this morning before we left for church to prepare our hearts. I'm so thankful that Christ died for me, but I'm even more thankful that He rose again, just like He said He would. We now, as believers, get to live with Him and His Father eternally when our physical bodies die. 

Brandon looked so handsome this morning in his pastel pink shirt and navy polka-dot tie! 

We got home from church and got all of our food ready. Brandon helped me make a baked ham, layered salad, a buttermilk pie and a cherry cream pie. My mother-in-law brought squash casserole, scalloped potatoes and bread. It was so yummy, if I do say so myself! 

And, as a true southerner, I was so thrilled to finally get to wear white pants! 

We enjoyed an afternoon of visiting with Brandon's side of the family. I was really sad, however, that I couldn't go home to Livingston to see my family. It was very different to be here, but I told Brandon that if I couldn't be here, then I was going to bring my Livingston Easter to Dallas! 

My in-law's took this picture:

Becca {my SIL}, Jeff {my BIL}, Savannah {my BIL Todd's baby mama}, Todd {my BIL}, Brandon and me. 

Happy Easter, friends. He is risen! He is risen, indeed. 


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