Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Linen Closet Makeover

Sooo...my linen closet? OUT OF CONTROL! 

With yesterday's little holiday {thanks, MLK!} I got a little organized. While I adore days off, they always make me take a long, hard look at my house and do one little bit of organizing. Yesterday's project? My linen closet. 

Unfortunately, I didn't take a "before" picture {not sure I'd want y'all to see that anyway...majorly embarrassed!}, but I do have the "afters!" 

Here's the full-length of the skinny little linen closet: 


And here's the top of it, a little closer up: 

...and the bottom half, a little closer up:

This was my inspiration:

Here's what I did:

A. Took everything out of the closet and put it on the floor so I could see all of it.

B. Threw away anything old, past its expiration date {we keep our medicine in here because we have zero cabinet space in the bathroom} and anything I was just over and threw it out.

C. Folded {correctly!} all of our sheets and blankets using this as a guide.

D. Found baskets from around the house {I loooooove baskets!} that would fit on the linen closet shelves. I then took a trip to Home Goods and spent $55 on three baskets for the closet and one to replace the basket I stole from the living room. 

E. I arranged our linens in the baskets. For example, sheet sets went into one basket, towels went into another, medicines that we rarely use went into a smaller one, and medicines we use frequently went into another. Then I placed the baskets on the shelves into an order that made sense to us.

*Here's the order from top shelf to bottom shelf: 
  • Top shelf: Aprons {because I never use them}; extra toilet paper {in a basket} and paper towels
  • Second shelf: Medicines! The bigger basket includes medicines/items we rarely or seasonally use {e.g. sunscreen, aloe vera, extra toothbrushes, etc.} The smaller organizer holds medicines/items we use frequently {e.g. Claritin, NyQuil, band-aids, etc.}
  • Third shelf: Towels, beach towels and an extra bath mat {in large basket}
  • Fourth shelf: My great-great-grandmother's homemade quilt {that we never use, but I love having} and "smell goods" in a small basket {e.g. Febreze room spray, Bath & Body Works plug-ins}
  • Fifth shelf: Extra pillows 
  • Floor: Basket that holds three extra sheet sets {two for the guest bed and one for our bed}

So what do y'all think?

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