Thursday, January 3, 2013

House Updates

Just a few little house updates for you today!

As I mentioned, Brandon and I did a lot to the house over Christmas "break." 
{Heck, we've done a lot to the house period!}

Anyway, here is the garage improvement: 

Since this picture was taken, we cleaned the shelf above. 
BUT: Brandon purchased/built that workbench at Home Depot, stained it and has since added a little stool from Wal-Mart and a light above from Home Depot. He also hung the pegboard and the little hang-y things {don't know the actual word!} -- also Home Depot -- that hold extension cords, tools, tape, etc. My parents bought him the Craftsman tool thing to the left from Sears

You'll recall that this was our garage before we moved in {top} and right after we moved in and Epoxy'd the floors {bottom}. 

We also finally hung the million and one things on our walls that we've been needing to hang for-EV-er. 

Our bedroom was so sad {photo below this one}, as we just threw crap in there when we moved in and didn't really touch it much. 

Mirrors above bed: Garden Ridge
Photo above dresser: Garden Ridge; Engineered print: Staples
Photos in dining room: my own, taken in Europe
Diplomas in hallway: Baylor, OBVIOUSLY! Framed at Hobby Lobby

Our sad little bedroom right after we moved in:

My bedroom still isn't exactly the way I want it...yet. Our furniture is mismatched and while I don't want everything to be matchy-matchy, I do want to get matching nightstands and another chest of drawers {it's to the right of me in the above photo} and dresser {ahead of you in this photo} that match. Then, we'll paint the cute dresser that our TV stuff is sitting on, add a little chair and table in the corner of the bedroom, and get another bed bench {I have my eye on one at Home Goods!}. 

And yes, that sounds like a lot, but we'll do a little at a time. We're making progress! Slowly but surely.

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