Sunday, December 9, 2012


I am officially in the Christmas spirit: all of my presents are wrapped {and we're done buying!}, this is my last week of work before the holiday and we had our first Christmas party Saturday night. 

Brandon's friend, Brandon, came over on Friday night and we all watched "Home Alone." Seriously, it is not Christmas unless I watch that movie at least once! 

Side note: I can't get it through my head that this movie was made in 1990. I still feel like that's 10 years ago, not 22. 

Saturday morning, the guy came to install our gas logs in our fireplace because our stingy seller took his when he moved out. And in true "Home Alone" style, we totally overslept I did the whole, "OMG! Brandon! That's the fireplace guy!" scream and no lie, Brandon answered the front door whilst putting on his T-shirt. We're classy like that. 

But doesn't our house look cozy with the fireplace working?! 

Our friends hosted a black-tie Christmas party on Saturday night, so I decided to roll my hair K-Middy style

I've had people ask me how I've done this before, so I thought I'd take a photo for you. Please excuse the tacky in-front-of-my-toilet shot. 

Anyway, I just roll {from front to back, saving my bang piece for last} with my Remington hot rollers. Note: the dirtier the hair, the better. This was two days post-wash. I leave the rollers in while I'm doing my make-up, getting dressed, etc. {Basically, until I am ready to walk out the door and the rollers have completely cooled.} 

Then, I take them out, flip my head over and "shoosh" out, then flip back over and mess with the curls with my fingers until they're how I want them, then lightly spray with Shaper  Plus hairspray {my favorite!}. 

And wa-la: 

While not quite Duchess-esque, it works! 

I spent today cleaning and nesting before this massive cold front hit DFW. I don't know what it is about an impending cold front that makes me clean and nest like a mad woman, but it does. We're talking five plus loads of laundry, homemade chicken spaghetti with enough leftovers to feed an army, clean floors and clean bathrooms. 

And I even made a quick Target run for toothpaste and came out with this dress and a necklace, too. Oops! {Seriously, what is it with Target that makes you do that?!} 

Annnnd then I came home and bought this dress after seeing it on Pinterest. Oops x5. 

Now we're all cozy on the couch, Brandon's watching football, Oliver is snoring and we're mentally preparing for the week. 

Happy cold front, Dallas friends! It's {for real} beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

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