Friday, December 28, 2012


The first thing that came to mind when I typed my title ("I'M ALIVE!") was the song "He Is Alive." Innnnnteresting. 

Anyway, I really am alive. 10 days without blogging? Holy moly, y'all. I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not sorry. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Brandon and I were both so very sick the week before Christmas. We're talking I-thought-I -had-the-flu sick. We pumped ourselves full of Afrin, Mucinex, Claritin and NyQuill and are finally feeling better. 

Basically, our entire week looked like this: 

We started the Christmas countdown with a new family tradition: looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood whilst wearing our Christmas jammies, listening to Christmas music on the radio and sipping hot chocolate. It was wonderful! 

Before we left, we did Oliver's stocking, and he was SO excited! I'm pretty sure he's set on toys for a very long time. 

We took Oliver to the kennel and set south on I-45 to visit my family in Livingston for five whole days. It was wonderful; I missed my family so, so much. 

We got to Mom and Dad's and just relaxed. We visited with family, watched lots of football and just enjoyed being with and around each other. 

The next night {Christmas Eve Eve}, we had Christmas at my Grammy and Grumpy's with my Sasser family. I got so much great stuff, including a leopard print infinity scarf, an apron, Essie nail polish, candle holders from Crate & Barrel and some Mexican vanilla (my grandparents live in Mexico and I always beg for's so much better than the vanilla we have here). 

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my family reads the Christmas story from the book of Luke. This year, Grumpy read it...and the story even came with maps. Ha! 

On Christmas Eve, we had lunch with my great-grandfather and the rest of the Sasser clan at my parents' house. We went to Christmas Eve service at church, and then went to the local park for their interactive drive-through Christmas lights show. It was actually very neat!

We came home, watched "A Christmas Story," and got ready for Santa**. 

Christmas morning came and it was AMAZING. I love, love, love being with my family on Christmas morning! 

Brandon even got me the Kate Spade purse I wanted {no longer on their website}. I was so excited! I also got: Dior Pure Poison perfume, clothes, a Keurig {and K-Cups}, an awesome curling iron, jewelry, DVDs and lots more fun stuff. Brandon got a Craftsman tool chest, new shoes, a monogrammed beer cooler for golfing and a J.Crew shirt. 

My sister, Maggie, got a Morkie! How cute is sweet Lilly?! 

Christmas night, we always have Christmas with my Nana and Pah {my Dad's parents}. How cute is my sweet Nana?! She totally outdid herself with the meal and we all left stuffed. At their Christmas, I got my fireplace screen, the Pottery Barn large Pocket Watch Clock and a kitchen knife/scissor set. 

We left for Dallas the day after Christmas and came home to snow! We knew it snowed on Christmas Day at our house and were so hoping that it stuck long enough for us to see it...and it did! We were so excited. 

I picked up Oliver from the kennel {he was sooooo happy to be home!} and he immediately got cozy in his bed in from of the fireplace. 

We've spent the last couple of days unpacking, getting organized and really just updating our house. We finally have time to hang things, go to stores to buy the little "extras" that we have wanted and get everything just how we want it in the house. 

We also watched Baylor slaughter UCLA in the Holiday Bowl. SOOOOOOO exciting!  Sic 'Em, Bears!!!!

I completely redid our bedroom today {post on that to come} and I'm really loving it! A trip to Garden Ridge was definitely involved...

Brandon also redid and organized our entire garage {he even built a workbench!} and I'm crazy proud of him. A post on that will come soon, too. :)

We rewarded ourselves tonight with brisket tacos and a Mambo Taxi from Taco Diner. All the hard work was worth it! 

We got home a bit ago and have started taking down Christmas. Our tree is still up {albeit naked}, but Brandon won't let me take it down until New Year's Day. I hate it, but that's what he grew up I guess I will allow it. Ha! We're hosting his parents and brother and sister-in-law for New Year's lunch, so it'll be down before then...don't you worry. 

More posts on the house updates to come! Hope everyone's Christmases were lovely!!! 

**My parents had to tell Maggie this year that Santa wasn't real. Womp womp. We were never told {just kind of figured it out} but things are so different with the baby! However, it was nice because she didn't wake up early this year and we got to start everything at 9 a.m. as opposed to 6 a.m.!**

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