Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas-y Things

I realized that I never {fully} showed y'all our Christmas card, so here it is:

I ordered them from Brown Paper Goods, and I'll definitely be using Sarah in the future. 


I'm still icky sick, so I bundled up on the couch yesterday to finish watching "The Holiday." Seriously, can I go back to London now?


And in keeping with my random Christmas-y things post, I am beyond excited that Oliver has had absolutely no interest in our Christmas tree, which is so odd for a cat. 

Honestly? He's been most interested in the big baby gift {far right of the picture} that I wrapped Sunday for my cousin Rebecca, as it has curly ribbon on it and he LOVES curly ribbon. 


Yesterday after I finally showered and ventured out of the house to run some errands, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure because, let's be honest, I have no idea the last time I got one. #embarrassed 

As I was sitting in the chair, the man doing my nails kept asking me all these questions -- which is fine -- but since I kept hacking in the middle of all my answers, I figured he'd stop asking me 5,001 questions. One of those said questions?

"How ol ah you? You have baby?"

Me: "No, not yet!"

Him: "Well you bettah hurry. Yoah eggs ah getting ol so you bettah hurry up." 



  1. old eggs?!?! oh sweet baby Jesus I would have kicked him!!

  2. You CAN'T be serious...UGH. On a happier note, gorgeous Christmas card!!

  3. My male coworker (who is a year younger than me) said yesterday that he is lucky to be a guy because he doesn't have to worry about "getting too old to have babies." He can marry a much younger girl when he is ready. I felt like slamming my head against my desk!


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