Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful + Merry

At the risk of sounding entirely too cheesy, I truly have so much to be thankful for, but especially this year. As we were going around the table on Thursday, each of us popcorn-ing what we're thankful for, my mother-in-law reminded us that we need to be thankful to whom we're thankful to

And so, I'm thankful to God for everything we've been blessed with this year, and even though it's been a year filled with ups and downs, it's been a great one. I'm so beyond thankful for my precious husband, who works ridiculously hard to provide for our family; I'm thankful for my parents and my in-law's who have been married for 20 and 35 years, respectively, and have shown us wonderful examples of Christian marriages; I'm thankful for my job, as frustrating and hectic as it is at times; I'm thankful for my lovely home; and I'm thankful for God's provision in my life. 


We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and I ate entirely too much. I'm hitting the gym up like nobody's business on Monday evening. 

This cherry cream pie has made my yoga pants a necessity this week. 

How cute is my husband wearing his Cowboys jersey over his polo on Thanksgiving Day?! 

We cheered for the Cowboys {I may or may not have sported by RG3 shirt during the game, much to Brandon's chagrin}; faced Black Friday and got some awesome deals; slept late; saw Lincoln; caught up on all of our DVR'd shows; and cheered the Baylor Bears to an OT victory over Texas Tech. 

And on Friday evening, we ushered Thanksgiving out the door and welcomed Christmas with open arms. 

This year's theme?

And a Merry and Bright Christmas tree do we have. Pinks, greens, blues, reds, purples and silvers adorn my tree and I absolutely love it. 

But my favorite part? Hanging sentimental ornaments with stories. 

This is Brandon's very first Christmas ornament, which he got on Christmas Day 1985 when he was three weeks old. I hope so much that this same ornament hangs on our childrens' Christmas tree(s) one day. 

And did I mention that I'm completely finished with my Christmas shopping? I really do think this has to be some sort of a record. 


We had our first annual "Friendsgiving" last night at Brandon and Kimmie's, or as we kept calling it, "Thanksmas." 

Kimmie completely outdid herself with the gorgeous Christmas decorations and food! She made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, brownies and pumpkin pie, and I brought corn casserole, green beans, rolls and cherry pie. 

After our amazing meal, we all watched Elf by the was perfect and exactly the Christmas spirit I want to relish in this season. 

I'm still in major denial that I'm going back to work tomorrow for the first time in exactly seven days, but I keep telling myself that in approximately 19 days, I'll be right back in this cozy spot for 18 days of pure PTO bliss. 

Happy Sunday, friends! 

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