Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Weekend

Following our excursion to the Galleria and afore-mentioned Christmas Bucket List, we made the short hop over to Brandon and Kimmie's house for some real Italian cooking. 

You see, Kimmie is half Italian. And by half Italian, I mean Teresa Giudice might write in her book that she's as "Italian as the Olive Garden," but this Olive Garden-half Italian can cook. We had homemade pasta, homemade sauce and bread with homemade garlic sauce and y'all...I may or may not have had seconds. Oops! 

And after that dinner, this happened: 

Uh, yeah. 

I would've bet money that Baylor would have gotten their butts slammed into the  grass at Floyd Casey, but natch! We were the ones kicking booty, which had me exclaiming furiously, "WHERE HAS THIS DEFENSE BEEN ALL SEASON!?" Nary I doubt my Baylor Bears or Phil Bennet's fear that he won't have a job come Dec. 1. 

In true Baylor fashion, we were there to compete, and we won. We beat the number one team in the nation and totally screwed up the BCS -- I love it! Or as my Dad said, "...and then, God showed up." {Forrest Gump, anyone?} 

I think I'm still on a Baylor high. 

Moving right along...

I got very Clark Griswold yesterday and started wrapping our Christmas presents. Seven of them, to be exact. And trying to be all Pinterest-y while I was at it, too. 

Pandora's Michael Buble Christmas station, Oliver and I got really into it, and after Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas Is You," the last bow was tied and the final doily was glued into place. 

I still have plenty more gifts to buy {and wrap} but it's making me feel all kinds of on top of things when seven! gifts! are! wrapped! before! Thanksgiving! 

{Wrapping paper: Hobby Lobby; Ribbon: Michael's; Doilies: Michael's}

The movers are on their way to my house right now to put our furniture back into its rightful spot, and according to my husband, I will be "directing traffic." Perhaps I should get a whistle and a glow-in-the-dark vest to complete my sweatpants, T-shirt, ponytail and not-brushed-teeth look? I think that would be hot

House is finished today! FINALLY!

(And yes, I'm two cups of coffee in after waking up at 7 a.m. and working from home. Can you tell?)

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