Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's amazing how just taking one day off can totally rejuvenate you. I took Friday off (well, a half day, but I worked from home in the morning), and it was amazing. 

But let me back up. 

I spent Thursday night in bed with a glass of wine and DVR'd Law & Order: SVU

Please ignore my piece of furniture that needs to be painted white. I'll get to it...eventually.

I didn't have to wake up until 8 a.m. on Friday morning {two hours later than normal}! I spent the morning cleaning the house, going to the grocery store and getting somewhat organized. 

I took Oliver to the vet for his annual shots {that were a month behind...oops!}. He was so good and I absolutely adore our new vet. And her prices. Three shots and a physical were $74. In Dallas? That would have been $200+. Love living in the 'burbs sometimes! 

Brandon and Brandon played Top Golf Friday night, so Brandon's fiancé Kimmie came over and we had some wine, went to dinner at Pei Wei and got manicures. 

Coincidentally, we both picked out OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark." One of my favorite things about fall? Dark nails. 

I spent Saturday lounging around, then ran over to Home Goods to look for a little bench for our vanity. I struck out there, but did find these precious mercury glass lamps for our bedside tables. For only $29.99 each, I'd say that's a pretty good deal! 

Brandon and I then painted/epoxy-ed the garage floor. 

Look how nasty it was before! The seller {we presume} had never heard of a power washer. 

Oh, and please ignore the furniture that we're taking back to my parents in a few weeks. :)

I made this for supper and we watched the Baylor game. Sad trombone. 

This is basically how Oliver and I spent the entire game:

...and then I bought tickets for Baylor Homecoming. Can't wait for Nov. 3!

I took some Zzz Quill last night {don't judge} and slept like a rock until 10 a.m. 

Brandon made me pumpkin spice waffles and coffee {I love him!} and then replaced the leaky bathroom faucet that I've been complaining about. 

I've got a few "Honey Do" tasks for him this afternoon and I plan to spend it getting organized, doing laundry and preparing for this will-be busy week ahead.

Happy Sunday!

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