Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Basics: What I'm Loving

I said to Brandon this morning, "Doesn't it feel like October is really dragging this year?" "Yes, it reallyyyyy is," he responded. 

I finally figured out why: we got married in Oct. 2010, so we were gone half of the month {or what felt like it} getting married and honeymooning. We took a trip to Mexico for our anniversary in the middle of Oct. 2011, so that month just flew by. We haven't gone anywhere {and won't} this year, so I think it's just making it a bit slower than we're used to. 

Anyway, here's what I'm loving this week:

Presidential Debates
It drives me crazy when people say they're apathetic about politics...especially when we're up for a major election in three weeks. 

The beauty of this country is that we do get to vote and we do get to speak our minds about the candidates --even if we disagree -- so apathy is just not something I understand. I get folks that don't post incessant tweets about it {unlike me}, and folks that don't post a Facebook status about it {unlike me}...but don't you dare tell me that you're uneducated about the candidates or that you're not going to vote. 

Educate yourselves about the candidates, make your decision based on the policies that you agree with, and do our country a favor and VOTE. 

PS: I had two {baby} glasses of wine last night. Lord knows I needed it during this debate!

Texas skies
How can you look at a sky like this and not believe that a higher power created it all Himself?

Our friend Kimmie {who is engaged to Brandon's friend Brandon} is from New Jersey. One thing that I just love about her is that she loves Texas and is totally embracing her new state. And one thing she's embracing are the Texas skies. She'll always say, "Gosh, it's a gorgeous sunrise/sunset." 

And call the nerd patrol, because I'm really loving the Yaupon Holly Tree in our backyard. 

When we first moved, it had no red berries and I thought it was just an ugly tree. But one day, it just blossomed with these red berries and my backyard just screams, "fall." 

I'm also loving lifetime friendships, especially the older I get. 

My friend Lindsey and I have been friends since before we can even remember. She's the friend that would just show up at my parents' house and eat supper with us. The friend whose mom I text to ask for recipes. The friend that, through hell and high water, fights, screaming matches and tears, is still my best friend and would come be with me at 2 a.m. in Alaska if she knew I needed her. 

And I feel like these days, that's a rarity. 

Anyway, she sent me this card for our anniversary and it's hanging on our fridge. It just makes me laugh every time I look at it! 

I'm off on Friday, so I'm so loving this short{er} week!

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