Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back-to-Basics: I'm a Bad Mama

I should probably get the "Crappiest Cat Mom of the Year" Award. 

And I'd deserve it, too. 

Yesterday as I was sitting in traffic on I-35, I called my bestie Lindsey to catch up. Of course, with us, our conversation lasted well past traffic, into me cleaning my bathrooms, unloading the dishwasher, checking my mail and heating up leftovers. 

Brandon had a soccer game, I didn't cook and we're frankly still getting adjusted to our new schedules in the house. I knew something was off, but I couldn't quite figure it out.

We let Oliver sleep not in his bed in the laundry room last night, and I think that threw me off a bit, too. 

{Are you noticing a trend here? I am a Type-A creature of habit.}

Anyway, when he meowed at my bedroom door around 5 a.m., I couldn't really go back to sleep. He only did it once, but I was still awake because our Tempurpedic bed -- while amazing -- makes me freaking hot

So I got up, showered and went into the kitchen to feed him. 

And that's when I realized: I didn't feed Oliver when I got home yesterday. 

What a mean, mean cat mama I am!

I've never forgotten to feed him...ever...and I knew I didn't because A) I was distracted and B) My "typical" schedule was off. 

Poor baby, he scarfed down his food this morning and because I felt so bad, I gave him just a little extra. 

Lord help me when we have actual human children of our own.

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