Sunday, October 28, 2012

At the end of my rope

Alright, God. I thought I was at the end of my rope last week, but really, this time...I really am. 

When I got home from buying new work shoes this afternoon, I walked into our closet to put them up and noticed a wet spot. Immediately I thought that Oliver had an accident on the floor, but, as any pet parent {or human parent for that matter} would do, I bent down to smell it to make sure that's really what it was. It wasn't. So as I got a towel to clean up what I thought was a little spill, I noticed our entire master closet floor was saturated. I stepped further into the closet and water pooled at my feet. I screamed at Brandon, who came running into the bathroom/closet combo.

He and I checked all the possible culprits, I {panicky} called my dad and then called the Home Warranty company. 

They were able to send out a plumber, who, after pulling up the carpet in our closet, cutting two holes in my hallway to find the leak and showing enough plumber's crack to last a lifetime, told us that the plumbing that converges for our master tub, shower, sinks and the washing machine {on the other side of the wall} were leaking. 

When you walk on our wood floors, you hear water squishing. The side is completely off my  bathtub, I have no carpet {or even carpet padding} in my closet, and we Brandon has to go outside and manually turn off the water when we're done taking a shower/brushing our teeth/going to the bathroom...which we do in about five minutes. I feel like I'm in the military with that quick routine. 

So tonight, after two glasses of wine and crying at "Dolphin Tale," I'm at the end of my rope. I just need prayer. I know it could be so, so worse, but this is just so much at once. 

I'm about to get the bathroom remodel I wanted...just a few years sooner.

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  1. Oh girl I am soooo sorry!!! Praying that things get better. When we first moved into our house we had some things happen too.


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