Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Back-to-Basics Blogging: Day 2ish or 3ish

It's finally starting to feel like fall, and that was evidenced by my willingness to sit outside on the back porch with my husband, just relishing in the cool{er} weather last night.

I always love Wednesdays, because they're our leftover days. Which means that this lady gets home, gets into Nike shorts and a T-shirt immediately and catches up on her shows. And does laundry. But mostly watches her shows.
 {Why is she referring to herself in third person?}

I walked in the door yesterday and Brandon was vacuuming our new rug. I swooned. Sometimes he just does those little things that, while not flowers or chocolates, make my heart flutter a little bit because he knew it was one less thing I had to do. 

And when the vacuum cleaner crapped out because I hadn't cleaned it out in two years? He took it outside, took it apart, banged it to kingdom come, and wa-la: it works again.

Anyway, after said vacuum-beating snafu, we took Oliver outside for the first time ever and sat on the porch just watching him with delight. He sniffed every single inch of our backyard, tested a few pieces of grass and a little bit of our Texas sage, laid down in the dirt and even {tried} to jump in our Lace Bark Elm

When we brought him in, he whined at the back door until we let him out again. I think it's safe to say that we have an indoor/outdoor cat. And I'm actually okay with that, surprisingly.

After DVR-ing the Presidential Debate, Brandon coerced me into going to his indoor soccer league game, which he plays with his office. 

See that green blur on the left? Yeah, that's my husband. 

While I have no earthly idea anything about soccer, it was so cute watching him out there. And my heart melted a little bit after the game when he said, "Thank you for coming. I like playing knowing that you're on the sidelines." 

After the soccer game, we came home, watched the debate in bed with Oliver {go Mitt!}...and I fell asleep 3/4 of the way through. Oh well, there's always today. 

Happy Thursday. One more day 'till Friday!

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