Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend: Pre-Moving Edition

This has been such a busy weekend! We're finally {slowly} moving into the new house, and couldn't be more excited about it. 

We took some boxes over to the house and then had dinner with my in-law's at their house and watched the Baylor Bears {barely} win their football game. Having it on Friday night totally threw me off, though.

We woke up late and then loaded the cars to the brim with boxes and just...stuff

Our friends Brandon and Kimmie came over to help us unload, unpack and set up, and we couldn't be more thankful. They even brought beer and wine! Gotta love that. :)

Kimmie and I unpacked and set up my entire kitchen...and those of you that have done this know how long and ridiculous it is to set up a kitchen. It took us all day! 

{We even put on some more doorknobs. Put a girl from New Jersey and a girl from Texas together and the possibilities are endless.}

Brandon and Brandon {trust me, it's confusing} painted our entire garage! 

{My} Brandon and I stayed all evening and finished setting a few things up, touching up some paint and cleaning up a bit. We came home and crashed: Brandon stopped to get a bottle of wine and I ordered a pizza. Not necessarily the healthiest choice, but my entire kitchen is unpacked in a different location. {Good excuse to not have to cook for a week!}

We went back to the house this morning to take more boxes and unpack. We finished touching up the garage and painted doors. 

As we were painting our outside door, the seller drove up in our driveway and asked for a tour of the house. Yes, you read that right: the seller. As in, the person that used to live there. It was so awkward. 

What was I to do? I mumbled something of an "Uh, okay..." and showed her the house. She kept saying, "Oh, you changed the cabinets?" and "Oh, you didn't keep the appliances?" But the kicker? "How much did you pay to stain your cabinets?" 

I was appalled. 

I could tell that she was a little offended that we changed everything, but if you don't want to see it, don't be a creep and ask for a tour of your former home!!! Then, we couldn't get her to leave. She kept telling us about every. single. moment. in this house, as if we, the people who just bought this house to make new memories in it, cared a lick. It was so, so awkward. It's awkward just typing this. 

Anyway, moving on. 

We finished hanging up a few mirrors and pulled everything into the kitchen, as we're having our carpet and wood floors professionally cleaned tomorrow. After that, we're free to move in furniture! 

And just because I thought it was cute, here's Oliver helping me pack. I swear it's like he's saying, "What's 'dis, mama?" 

Happy Sunday!


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