Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend + House Updates

It was a rainy, cool weekend in Dallas, which was a nice sign that fall is coming. 

I had a really hard, busy week last week, so it was nice to spend some time with my husband and his family this weekend. While it was a jam-packed weekend, it was a nice reprieve from work...and even thinking about work. 

Brandon and I went on a much-needed date night to Grimaldi's. It was so nice to just sit and talk to my husband -- uninterrupted -- for two hours. 

He knew how exhausted I was, so Brandon let me sleep in until 9:30 a.m., and woke me up with kolaches from my favorite little hole-in-the-wall donut shop around the corner. 

We went to the house to check in on the contractor's progress {photos below} and went to Home Depot...again. We're actually starting to befriend some employees there. 

Brandon's cousin, Lauren, got married Saturday night, so we got all spiffy {it was at 7:30 p.m., so we really had to dress to the nines!} for the wedding. 

Side note: Since it was drizzling and sort of humid last night, I had to tease my hair to oblivion to ensure it'd be at a "normal" height by the time we made it to the church. So excuse the big-ness in this photo. :)

Of course, I didn't get one photo of the bride, but I did get one of a few of the Whitacre men. 

L-R: Brandon's cousin, Jonathan; Brandon's Uncle Greer; Brandon; Brandon's brother, Jeff; and Brandon's dad, Charles 

The reception was at the groom's parents' home in Preston Hollow and was just gorgeous. However, let me say that my husband's family can par-tay. I've witnessed this on two Whitacre family trips to Orange Beach, Ala., but I always seem to forget that those people can consume alcohol like pros. Brandon likes to say, "The Whitacres are the loudest, stay the longest and drink the most." Amen to that! 

And me? I always forget that champagne gives me a raging headache and woke up this morning feeling like absolute death. And we didn't even go out after the reception with the "younger" Whitacres! {I can't imagine if we had...} 

Oliver slept in our room for the first time last night, and he did really great! Although, I did wake up at one point and he was spread out sleeping on my back, as I was sleeping on my stomach. Hilarious.

We slept in semi-late and went to the family brunch at Breadwinner's. It was really nice getting to see my father-in-law's three brothers and their families, who all live spread out among Mississippi and Tennessee. And again, we were the loudest in the building! Ha!

After brunch, we went {again} to Home Depot, and went back to the house because my Aunt Londa and Uncle John {my dad's sister and her husband} wanted to see the house while they were in town. 

We then came home, I went to the grocery store and we took naps on the couch while Sunday football played on TV. 

The weather was so icky that I decided that homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese on jalapeño sourdough bread was just what the doctor ordered. 


And here are some updates to the paint and ceiling! 

The "before" paint color was a fleshy, pink-toned beige, so that had to go stat. 

We used Behr "Plateau" on the entire interior, save for our bedroom and bathroom. 
{Those rooms aren't finished yet, but we used Behr "Castle Path" in the master bedroom and are doing 16-in. stripes in our master bath, using "Castle Path" and "Sandstone Cove."}

The color looks a little funky in these photos {almost a yellowish}, but I promise it's not! Here you go:

I'm standing in the hallway looking at my front door. The dining room is on the right, and the hallway to the bedrooms is on the left. 

And you can tell that there are NO MORE POPCORN CEILINGS!!! 

This is my living room; my back is to the entrance to the laundry room and garage, and my kitchen is to the left. 

Here's part of the kitchen...

...and here's a wall in my dining room. I think you can really tell the khaki/camel color of the house in this photo. 

And for perspective, here's the difference in the colors. The outside is our color, and the inside is the old color. 

Side note: This is the hall bath, which we're eventually updating to travertine tile and changing the basic, builder grade white tile and fixtures. 

I'm off to take a hot bath and take a little of this. ;)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I wish that we had a Grimaldi's in OKC! We love the one in The Woodlands! Also, the house looks great! I love the updates and yay for the popcorn ceilings being gone!!

  2. Ewww any paint color that can be described as fleshy is a no go! The house is really coming along beautifully.


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