Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Weekend

After my fun day in Waco on Friday, we hit the ground running on Saturday. 

We had to pick up our dining room table and chairs from World Market, look for a rug {which we did find, from The Dump} and look for a couch {which we found at Freed's}. Whew! 

I was clearly helping when Brandon was loading furniture. :) 

I got a haircut afterward, and while she cut it a bit shorter than I asked for and added in far too many layers, I still kind of like it. It'll take some getting used to, though. 

After my haircut, we went to dinner with Colby and Angelica at Desperado's. It was so good getting to catch up with one of my best friends and her husband! 

We were so exhausted Sunday, so we just slept in and lounged around the house all day. I painted my nails, picked up around the house, packed a little bit and wrote our last rent check E-V-E-R! 

Brandon grilled steaks for supper and we watched Baylor spank SMU, 59-24

Today, we again slept in {I could so get used to this!}, had coffee with a "special treat," and then went over to my in-law's to pick up a few accessories for our house and go swimming. 

I'm so exhausted from the 100+ degree heat and swimming, so I'm currently cozied up on the couch with a glass of rosé and boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. 

We close on our house Friday, and we absolutely cannot wait! Of course, we're taking off that day, so I'm definitely looking forward to a three-day work week. 


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