Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Me...A Letter to my Teenage Self

I saw this on Blue Eyed Bride and as I was going through old pictures this weekend, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to do it. 

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Dear Me at 18,

Honey, you've got a lot coming, so buckle up. 

You're starting your freshman year at Baylor University, the same college that your mom and dad went to. You're going to share a room in Collins with a girl that is an insane clean freak (even worse than you) and it's going to drive you crazy. You'll get really frustrated with her, and will end up meeting great friends in the process...just wait and see. 

You're going to meet a guy that will absolutely break your heart. It's going to be a rough two years dealing with him and his drama, but you'll learn so much about yourself through all of this. (And PS? You're going to meet a wonderfully handsome Christian man in your PR class that you're gonna marry. And trust me, it's worth it. He's so sweet, and frankly, pretty damn hot.)

Speaking of PR, you're going to hate that Fashion Merchandising major you went to Baylor for. Those girls? They all dress up for class and make you feel small...and you are not small. You dabble in Nutrition for a little bit, but you fail Chemistry 1301 and come home with a 1.7 GPA your second semester. Your dad is furious and you have to sign a contract with him to even stay at Baylor. 

But guess what? You study your butt off that summer and come home with a 3.5 and feel pretty good about that. 

You pledge Zeta Tau Alpha and find a few "friends," and you kind of get burned by running with the wrong crowd for a little bit...

...but you meet another who becomes a lifelong friend and will be in your wedding. 

You spend an entire semester just figuring out who you are and becoming self-sufficient, and that will be the best thing for you. You learn about you: what you think, what you believe and how you feel. 

You cut your hair really short, and it's a huge mistake. It takes four years to fully grow out. Don't ever do that again, please?

Also? Get out of the tanning bed. It makes you wrinkle, and you'll notice this after you watch an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" late sophomore year that scares the ever-loving crap our of you.

You'll study abroad your junior year and will room with a girl that you barely knew, but she becomes one of your very best friends. You will make memories that will last a lifetime in London, and will wish you could go back every day. She'll also be in your wedding to that cute guy, just wait!

You're going to graduate early, which no one ever thought you'd do. You set a goal, and you did it. And speaking of graduating, you move to Dallas afterward and intern for a pretty crappy PR firm, but don't worry! Your soon-to-be husband's brother's sister-in-law works at an awesome PR firm and gets you an interview there. You ace it, and they hire you. 

And that guy you met? He'll propose to you at White Rock Lake and you'll have a beautiful wedding. 

So, 18-year old self, just relax. Study hard, tell your family that you love them more than you want to, come down off that high horse and just be yourself. 

Hang in there, 




  1. this may or may not just made me tear up. love you!

  2. um this may or may not have just made me tear up too! xoxo

  3. I love this! It's great to look back at how much you've grown and see how small things can change you in big ways. I always enjoy reading your posts and today's was a good one. I'm so happy that things are going well with you guys right now (which seems a little weird as I re-read that since I haven't seen you in person in years, but I really do like reading your blog! If we ever move to Dallas, we might have to meet up in person to catch up.)

  4. Absolutely amazing post! I am so delighted with how your life as turned out, you deserve it chick!


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