Sunday, August 26, 2012


I saw a tweet recently from Post Grad Problems that said, "When the Sunday evening blues begin at 2 p.m." I feel like I can relate on this rainy, dreary Sunday. 

This weekend, we rested. This is our last weekend of actually doing nothing, so we're savoring it. 

I made a yummy, easy supper, and we relaxed on the couch with wine and watched "Act of Valor." 

Brandon thought he'd bake Break & Bake cookies...minus the "break." Thank goodness I walked in the kitchen just as he was about to stick them in the oven!!! 

Then, as Oliver was sitting like this at my computer {not staged, I swear!}, we decided to give "him" a Twitter account. You can follow Oliver on Twitter at @oliverkittycat, if you're interested. :) 

We're having too much fun with that account! 

We slept in and just lounged around in the morning. 

We bought our headboard {yay!} and then I went to the grocery store. 

We then wandered over to World Market because we noticed they were having a 50% off dining sale. Of course, I'd been lusting after this table and these chairs for-ev-er, so we put them on order {since they were already sold out!} and will pick them up next weekend. Since they were sold out, the manager gave us an extra 10% off the entire purchase. Gotta love that! 

Then, we went to Home Depot to purchase paint samples to determine the colors we want and pick out ceiling fans {the current gold and white ones have got to go}. While we were there, we found this set of bar stools that we both just loved. They only had one left {plus the floor model}, and since we needed two, they gave us 10% off the floor model. 

We were loving that we got so many deals! 

I packed all morning long over a few cups of coffee. Then, I decided to go to TJ Maxx to look for King sheets. They didn't have any that I liked, so I wandered over to Home Goods to check theirs out. I found a great pair, and also this piece of furniture for the living room {which will hold our satellite box thingy, BluRay player, movies, etc.} that was on sale for a great price. 

I realize the colors look funky in this picture with the florescent lighting, but I promise it's awesome in person. The iron fixtures are fabulous. 

So, I called Brandon and said "Get. up. here. right. now." and he liked it, too, so we bought it! 

Things are slowly coming together on this house, and we can't WAIT to close in two weeks! 

After our purchase, Brandon went to play golf with his dad and older brother, while I came home and took a hot bath. I'm currently doing laundry, sipping a glass of Pinot and watching Gossip Girl on the Style Network

Happy Sunday! 


  1. Girl I go to Home Goods weekly, they have the best furniture! I saw the piece on Saturday and l-o-v-e-d it, GREAT purchase!!

  2. I'm loving the headboard you guys went with! Also, I have those same dining chairs from World Market! I'm such a fan of nailhead trim. It just looks so put together!


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