Monday, August 13, 2012


Wow, I can't believe that Monday is already almost over! 

We went to Uncle Julio's for supper with our friends Brandon and Kimmy. We had a lot of fun and left so stuffed! 

I didn't really sleep late, which is always a bummer. Brandon got up before me and had {thankfully} made a pot of coffee, so we lounged on the couch together with our respective cups of coffee and watched Mitt Romney announce Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. So excited for November! 

Later, I ran to get a car wash, went to CVS {I got $27 worth of stuff for $9! Love their coupons!} and to the grocery store. After that, Brandon and I went to The Dump to look at their area rugs and to Home Goods near our new house to browse. 

I made an early supper, then Brandon and I both got massages, which were so awesome. 

We came home to watch TV, and then crashed early. 

Side note: This is where Oliver likes to sit while I'm watching TV. He's soooo protective of me, which I think is hilarious. I just love his little face resting on my pillow! 

We woke up and got a jump start on packing up the apartment! We close in three weeks and are planning to start taking some boxes over there on that day. So, we came up to my office to grab the 15 boxes that our IT guy had saved for me {thanks, Mike!}, then stopped at Office Depot for $30 worth of bubble wrap. Then, we came home and started packing! 

I never realized just how long it would take to bubble wrap and pack all of my crystal, china and breakable things! Brandon, in the meantime, purged our DVD/BluRay collection, took things off the walls for me and took a ton of stuff out to the dumpster for me. 

It doesn't look like a lot in this picture, but those boxes are two rows deep, with some on the other side of that Tupperware box that contains all of my Christmas decorations. 
{And that ugly pelican painting? Brandon painted it at Painting with a Twist and refuses to part with it. It was hanging in his closet at the apartment. I think it might get thrown away "accidentally on purpose."} 

And even though I feel like I'm living in an insane asylum with the white walls, I smile every single time I pass this row of boxes. It's a happy-sad smile, really. Sad to be leaving everything we know and our "home," but really excited to be starting our new adventure.

It's on to more packing for this girl tonight! 

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